Vulpera Quest from Ji Firepaw

Hey guys, I’m trying to unlock the Vulpera race but Im not getting any quest from Ji Firepaw. I’m lvl 60 and have the Secret in the Sands achievement too. Do i need the Dragonflight expansion??

Hi Daelei!

Restrictions on allied races were removed per this blue post: Dragonflight Fractures in Time PTR Development Notes), but note that you still need “a level 40 character on your account (was level 50)”.

One poster also claims that they needed to complete two other quests to accept “Guests At Grommash Hold” - it showed as available on the map, but wasn’t available to accept. These quests are:

  1. The Price of Victory
  2. Old Soldier

I’d make sure you’ve completed that entire quest line.

If those items don’t help, feel free to bounce back with specifics and we can see if there’s anything more we can suggest (is Ji Firepaw there? Is there a quest marker above his head? What level is your character? etc).

As Vexheart alluded to, your most likely issue is a phasing problem. Some of the most common issues for phasing in Orgrimmar will be:

  • The BfA intro. (I’m assuming you’ve done this as you’ve done BfA content.)
  • The BfA War Campaign (the final quests in that chain are the ones Vexheart listed.)
  • Any other Allied Race unlock quests. (So if you’ve started any others, finish them up first.)
  • The Legion intro. If you ever started it but didn’t finish it, get that done.

That’s not an exhaustive list, but they are the biggest culprits. If you’ve started any of the zone quest chains that originate in Orgirmmar, they might also be causing issues until you’ve finished any of the quests that take place in Org.

This isn’t in the game yet (it’s the next patch.) That shouldn’t be an issue for the OP, though, as they’ve met the current requirements.