Vulpera Megathread 2 🦊

(Kegsmasher) #488

Certainly not allied races :wink:


That’s not a Light Wielding Forsaken, that’s just some human lady with Night Elf blood.

(Kegsmasher) #490

Uhm nope. Not what happened to her… She is a full blooded human. Who was raised via the power of a naaru the ritual made her a unique “lightforged” undead. She isn’t forsaken. Forsaken is a culture of undead. Mostly humans and some blood/high elves who were slaughtered and raised by Arthas and then gained their freedom.


My point stands that she doesn’t look all that undead. If we did get them I think we’d consider Kul Tirans the Worgen Equivalent Allied Race though since they look more like the Human model and likely have similar class options if they are Lightforged.


WHY do npcs continue to get this awesome gear that players never have. It’s driving me insane, blizzard, I WANT that set!

(Alamara) #493

She was never supposed to look undead, only unnatural.
We are not even sure if she’s actually undead, only that she’s not living anymore.

I wrote this way back in march:


I wonder if, assuming 8.2.5 is coming out in September, we might get a showcase stream for 8.2.5 like we did for 8.2. It would be less costly than going to GamesCom and would be an acceptable replacement since we’d get news of some kind of what is forthcoming. I also did like that format when they did it.

Guess I’ll just go back to hoping we hear some new allied race news sooner than later. Hopefully, the datamining party will continue to find more things. x- x

(Alamara) #495

I was expecting a stream for today, to be frank, and PTR next week.

Instead, we got a PTR full of secrets and no stream, lol. But we got something in the date I predicted anyway.

I still have not given up hope. Patch 8.2.5 is still very lacking in content. There’s more news coming up in weeks ahead.


Does anyone know what the new animations are exactly? I haven’t had a chance to look at the vulpera model yet to see what was added or changed.

(Ran) #497

Based on this image it says “modified” at the left so is probably they polished the animations and skin that are already in game.


That’d still make them undead. What I want to know is how much of the person is left over. If dark magic is dark because it uses and enslaves the soul to animate an otherwise lifeless body regardless of that souls consent and often with the purpose of just using it as an automaton. Is light magic light because it’s the light animating it no soul required?


I wonder which ones were modified then, and why.

(Josefine) #500

Might be jump animations? On live they bug out and go to a T-pose half the time if you turn into fox with pickpocket glyph.

(Ran) #501

Edit: adding another HS that I forgot

It´s kind of hard to tell by the name files, but I hope they are preparing them.

Also did you guys saw the new Hearthstone cards? “Scoundrel Vulpera” and “Clever Disguise” are the first Vulpera cards in the game, they looks awesome, here´s their artwork portrait.
Scoundrel Vulpera

Clever disguise

It´s mechanics is here

Epic · Minion · Saviors of Uldum · Battlecry: Discover a spell or a pick a mystery choice.

Common · Spell · Saviors of Uldum · Add 2 random spells from another class to your hand.


Interesting that it implies the caravan she’s in would be in uldum. Vulpera caravans leaving Zandalar would be neat.

(Ran) #503

According to Vulpera Hype Caravan tweet they remove:

  • Double snout since it was a duplicate
  • Jump-flip
  • train animation
  • Sprint and stealth run
  • A lot of bugged animations

(Peppermint) #504

All I have to add is that I’m mad I’m not playing a Vulpera instead of typing this.


So animations were removed? I’m not sure I see that as a good sign, but I suppose there’s not any need to do anything to them if they’re just continuing to be npcs. shrug


Vulps will be in the game. Stop the QQs

(Kegsmasher) #507

But why modify something that’s just for Npcs? thonk