Vulpera are happening !🔥

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Everybody sing the Horde’s national anthem!



I dislike gnomes and hope alliance doesn’t get another human race.

Best horde options in my mind: ogres, vulpera.

Best alliance options: hard to say. I don’t care for fish heads, or others. But definitely don’t want mechagnomes.


There are worse options for a Neutral race. Players on both factions do seem to like and hate them in equal measure. I just don’t see it happening. There’s simply far too much work to be done to justify them being neutral. It’s not impossible, of course, but unless 8.3 has us visiting the Vulpera homeland and the Alliance aiding the Vulpera there while the Horde attacks them, I just don’t see any chance of them being a Neutral race.


A better model is to give people stuff based on what they like as opposed to what they dislike (which is sometime abused by astroturfing and isn’t really the case here.).

Vulpera are probably the most wanted horde AR right now so this is pretty exciting.

All of the other close options that people want (ogres, mok’nathol, naga) are cool but simply don’t have enough playable model assets yet. San’layn do and are nice but it’s probably not the right time to add another elf.


To be fair, Ogres/Mok’Nathal now have the Rig/Skeleton thanks to the addition of Kul Tiran Humans. Not quite so far fetched anymore.

(Sonaldon) #137

Any sane person wouldn’t jump to conclusions and know that everything we see isn’t a true indicator of what will be an allied race in the future. Some people unfortunately may end up having to learn this to the hard way.


They are possibly on the way but aren’t as “ready” as the vulpera are.


True, though Vulpera themselves aren’t 100% ready either. They have a selection of customization options, but they’re still missing quite a few animations. Arguably Mok’Nathal/Ogres have all the animations, thanks to Kul Tirans. All they need is customization options, and Rexxar gives a base to build from for that.


There’s nothing wrong with being hopeful for a strong likelihood. Way too much pointing at them being playable here. Anything is always possible (arrakoa looked like they were going to be playable in the BC b/c they have character model animations for lots of stuff, naga were likely going to be an vanilla race but weren’t due to mount complications) but it’s silly to be dismissive at this point at all of the stuff.

People want vulpera and it’s looking super likely.

(Droité) #141

Based purely of mechanics and assets already placed, JunkerGnomes and Vulpera are in a league of their own atm. None of the other potential AR options even come close to that level right now.

And … tbh, they both do have potential. The base Junker’s culture is fairly compelling (and if Blizz really had fun with it, they could really explore a Darker Side to Gnomes when left to their own devices). Vulpera in contrast … lack in future-story telling potential for now, but they make up for it in the fact that they REALLY do thematically fit the Horde (not in terms of Appearance necessarily, but temperament; experiences; and culture certainly).


They’re extremely close and are further developed than KT were two months before their release.

We just didn’t have an alliance counterpart to them until junkers showed up.


My point is, Mok’Nathal are ready to go once some Customization options are whipped up. I’m not a programmer, but I do recall the big issue with Kul Tirans were how long it takes animations and such to be put into the rig. In that regard, even without a single skin, Mok’Nathal are miles ahead of Vulpera.

That said, I imagine Vulpera will come first. That’d be the smart move given their popularity and the lukewarm interest Ogres/Mok’Nathal have.

(Sonaldon) #144
  1. It is unreleastic. Nothing that we see on these npc is true confirmation of what will be an allied race. There could be entirely new races unveiled next expansion or no allied races for another 2 expansions

  2. Eevee also basically implied that anyone who doesn’t think that Vulpera will be an allied race is insane. I don’t go around flinging insults at people who want the race. This is not a healthy way to look at things. It is like reverse doomsday prepping. Preparing for something good to happen that might possibly never happen.


It’s not unrealistic because they have a bizarre amount of customization options for two genders and a huge variety of snouts an ears alone. Play with them in the wow dressing room and it’s fairly extensive. They also have tails which are designed to line up with a cape while walking and running to not clip but none of them have capes as NPC’s. They got a brewfest drink along with mechagnomes. They have custom sleep animations and rests. They have an NPC racial tag which can be found linked to cut scenes with players in them.

It’s a lot.

  1. I haven’t really seen eevie say that but she’s just another forum poster at the end of the day. The worst that would happen in their case is vulpera don’t happen after all and they keep asking for them or move on to something else.

TBH excitement for a thing always goes much farther than “I don’t want a thing.”

(Droité) #146

I do however agree with Normoon. By all indications, if there are more ARs inbound then the trend will likely continue that each Core Race (save for “maybe” Pandarens) will get one.

This leaves four Core Races without a AR counterpart (even if their counterpart happens to be on the opposing faction, like the VEs and NBs): Gnomes, Goblins, Worgen, and Forsaken … and by all indications we are at least seeing potential ARs (ones with a fair amount of assets placed into them already) for the more vertically challenged of those peoples.

(Sonaldon) #147
  1. Its been checked before. They have 135 animations each gender. Goblins have 289. Less than half the animations needed for a playable model.

  2. Dozens of npcs have animations only use by players even custom ones. Same goes with geosets. Thin humans have working geosets. Ogres and murlocs have custom animations.

So in short, you can’t say most of the work is done for them and you can’t use geosets as an indicator that they are certain to happen.

  1. Brewfest icons mean nothing. There has been mug icons for holiday events made for non playable characters.

Zoom down here and you will notice an ogre mug. The brewfest icon is only indicative of a temporary holiday event in Voldun.

  1. Plenty of npcs have cape animations and they could have easily grabbed the data from something existing.

  2. racial tags mean nothing. There are plenty of races in the racial tab that aren’t playable races and plenty of races outside of the racial tab that become player races.

  3. Blizzard has said they intended to increase variation of npcs in the past.

EDIT: I need to log in and out. I will post the link in a moment, but Ornyx made a comment about this.

Moral of the story though. Have realistic expectations and talk about why you love a race, but don’t go pushing it as though it is pretty much confirmed.

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Good, I will enjoy killing them

(Sonaldon) #149


Thread link is as follows here. See the comment by Ornyx.

  1. They are based pretty heavily on goblins so that’s not a big deal.
  2. Murlocks and ogres don’t have both a lot of animations and gender and customization options. The closest NPC race to that is vrykul and even they have less than vulpera.

So in short you can indeed say a significant amount of work is finished for them.

  1. Again, yes, but this was a cluster of new AR drinks (aside from tortollans which were the only NPC-likely race).
  2. No the tail rigging with the cape is completely new and no vulpera NPC has capes.
  3. It’s unlikely a racial tag for a non-playable race would be where this was tagged and no other npcs were found there.
  4. And they did with tortollans which are detailed but very npc-like. Vulpera work far surpasses any prior NPC work ever.

“I don’t want thing” is not to be conflated with “thing is unrealistic” b/c Vulpera are modified goblins with a large amount of differentiation assets put into them. This is getting silly.

(Sonaldon) #151

I don’t think we are going to agree with this. If you love Vulpera that’s great. I think that are wonderful too. I wish you the best of luck in them becoming an AR, but I’ve basically expressed how I feel on this. I just generally prefer not to get my hopes up when it comes to these kinds of things. I think this is a much more healthy way to go about it because if they don’t happen then it will be of tremendous heartbreak and all you guys that got your hopes up like this will only have yourselfs to blame for getting so overexcited about something that really could very possibly never happen.