#Vote for suspension of players on forums who post OFF TOPIC

Maybe players should be suspended for posting classic problems in retail .

If they felt it was necessary they would do it. And delete those threads. Neither of which has happened. In fact, they unflagged them and let them continue.

They need to give suspension to people who does this, so others won’t do it. It is at this point as trolling, if you want to support that movement, go out and do, dont sit here and force people to read your bs on game forums.

It’s funny this topic isn’t about the GAME CONTENT either. It’s about moderation of the forums, which are also not a part of the game. Blizzard could shut down the forums tomorrow and not be breaking any agreement.

You made your point – twice with repeated posts. It should stand on its own, not need constant defending from you. Because all your replies further make this topic not about the game, which is what you’re riling against.

OP post was flagged, time to flag his other thread.

From the “Welcome! Please Read–” thread

Posts like this are highly frowned upon BY Blizzard. I get where you are coming from man, its frustrating constantly seeing Off-Topic threads in GD (Really should be an “Wrong Subforum” option when flagging) or Real World/Political threads but just report them and move on. Blizzard will eventually get to them and handle them.

However, creating a petition thread like this asking for likes as votes is highly frowned upon. If you are going to make a thread asking Blizzard to take action on those breaking forum rules then honestly you should not do so by breaking the rules yourself.

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i sent ticket, I couldn’t report it and this is why I am posting this. There is thread which can’t be reported. h ttps://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/black-lives-matter/551497 / flag system is broken on this post.

Flag system seems to be working fine for me on that thread, why do you think its not working exactly?

He’s spam flagging everyone and ran out of flags, he flagged my posts with his alts in this very thread.

I think it’s because it’s still up?

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Because when I flag and click " spam" for example it is not doing anything, there are also


Why suspend? Just have the mods move them to off topic


It got buried eventuality. … But this is massively off topic… Flagged it . no notification. Yet the opposite thread got buried in seconds.

Could it be the software? You bet but this is an odd thread to get that “bug”


I think at this point,Blizzard should disable forums, if not deleting some of those posts may cause even worse conflict WITHIN the Blizzard among employees… I fear that, I am not even joking.

I agree… Right now this is a VERY slippery slope. But I’m sure they’re going to sit there and blame the Forum software on their lack of modding.

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Those people who post this are ignorant, lacking education if I have to guess, this is very dangerous for company… This people can’t understand that GAME has nothing to do with all that. So disabling forums maybe the best option for all. Even black people comment they don’t want this.

If someone wants to support, go out and do it don’t do it on game forums.

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I’m black and i get tired of hearing this nonsense over and over. A lot of us know most of you are just virtue signaling and as soon as the media stops talking about this you move on to other things.

I agree, it starts with you being suspended first for starting this off topic thread.

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Harassment is against the ToS. You’re still free to do so though

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use this for feedback on this forum, I wouldn’t waste your time complaining about a broken flag system though because it isn’t - whatever they did there was intentional


I don’t like this idea because it will be instantly abused.