Volcoross and MM 2P Bonus Not Working

Does anyone have any suggestions for the issues with the 2P MM set bonus proc on Volcoross? It doesnt seem to go off and from what I can tell its because it procs “at target” and the boss is centered so far away. It sucks to lose a bunch of damage to the bad room design.


This is also happening when the target is close to max-range, not just at Volcoros. It’s frustrating to lose so much damage for this.

There is no information about the limitations of Volley activated by the tier set and the spec, which is not good, is falling further and further behind.

I feel like this could be easily fixed by just having volley drop at max range if the target it’s supposed to proc on is too far away because the only situation that would actually happen would be stuff like this.

It would be better than just not procing at all and basically not existing.