Void Elf-High Elf Customization Thread

Void Elves should not be allowed to replicate a generic fantasy Elf to the fullest in the way that Blood Elves who already fulfill that theme do and have as a core Horde race.


Stop making bad assumptions about people.

Some people enjoy visual distinction between factions. Stop denigrating them for their opinions. You make us all look bad.



Someone didn´t even bother with reading OP´s post… in which he/she literally says “give me the colors AND hairstyles”.

Well dude, your “petition” was incredibly hostile too… basically asking to get everything regarding the Belf model with NO apparent compensation in mind.

So, chop, chop!!! Out with those compensation suggestions cause as long as Belves get stuff that make the visual model unique, you people can demand to get a perfect clone of the current model but available on Alliance.

Stop wasting time and propose constructive stuff for once.

Btw, I don´t “flame” the thread… your OP post was flame enough by itself. Next time learn to make an actual business esque proposal.

Oh they can… but then Blizz has to give the Belf model their own exclusive visuals once again.

Until then OP´s petition is basically the equivalent of trademark robbery, no more and no less.


sure we do, otherwise we have to talk about this awful expansion



So I guess the bigger issue here both groups can come to an understanding over is that Blizzard does not give enough customizations that give you that unique racial identity outside of I guess, heritage armor and tabards. And that I can absolutely agree on. For example, the tiara hairstyle on blood elf women is ugly and doesn’t fit a race where the equivalent of that party city tiara should actually be a forehead circlet like the priest in the burning crusade cinematic wears. Even years later you can’t really get this initial aesthetic down. Also someone also brought up the chunky looking jewelry for a race that seems like it’d, again, prefer something a little more delicate looking and not smithed by dwarves.

I’ll add in again that my compromise would be that certain hairstyles can be shared, but built in the different identities of said races. Hairstyles where tentacles would be on a void elf can offer braids for a blood elf, and vise versa. Maybe the more upkept high maintenance looking hairstyles on belves can be made to look spookier and more disheveled on velves.


There’s also that nice choker she’s wearing. Blood elves didn’t get chokers, yet night elves did.





And we didn´t get either the the runic tattoo ICONIC from the TBC box nor the scars ALSO iconic from the same source (yup, that male Belf has a scar just over his lips… but noooo Belves aparently are only into gaudy jewerly and nothing else!!)


It’s such a massive shame that Blood Elves didn’t get runic tattoos or scars.

Couldn’t they have at least given players the tattoos Rommath uses?


Nor did belves get the awesome tattoos Rommath has on his arms.


Don’t even get me started on this rant! :stuck_out_tongue: I’m still so mad about it.


That was something I wanted to bring up too yep.

It’s very similar thing to how NPC Nightborne have all these beautiful aesthetic options for things like mana hands that player ones can’t. Really sucks.


Neither myself nor this thread is a troll. The other threads are not the same as what this one is about. This is exclusively about the addition of blood elf hair options for void elves. By stating otherwise is spreading false information, which is trolling on your part.

My post has been falsely flagged multiple times and each instance was resorted, so I kindly request that you accept the stance the mods have made and not to do their job incorrectly.

Let’s please keep this thread on topic, that being the widely supported desire of such options. Thank you.


Ok, but could that not fall under the general velf customization thread that already exists?


I know, sorry but the art team literally dropped the ball, fell unconcious and when they came back to their senses forgot what they were working before as far as Belf customizations are concerned.

Cause they´re terrible and frankly only are benefitial to the PoV of people like the old “Belf hater” crowd -like one Dwarf I like to get into verbal sparrings.

Nightborne have their faces busted malking them look OLD by starters. And we kinda SAW little kids in Suramar ffs!!!

If anything, Nightborne should look younger that Nelves -that have the same 10k years old and that have quite the difficulty having children, ergo their population IS old-.


Yeah OP is one of the worst I’ve seen.

Them and Nelfas.

Neither actually cares about Void or High or Blood elves. They just want to stir the pot.

I, personally, would agree somewhat with this for sure. Though I don’t think this is where it starts or stops for some.

This. I’ve just realized why the Belf jewelry bothers me so much. It looks like it was made by a dwarf for a belf…

Can I just say I’m not actually against hairstyles being shared both ways?

I just don’t want the colors shared. I feel they dilute what Void Elves are supposed to be and I really love what we are.

They need tattoos and scars! NEED THEM!

Oh! You are Nelfas!

Don’t why I didn’t see it before.


You ask to take take take and suggest nothing in return for blood elves? And you people wonder why there’s such an opposition. I wouldn’t care about option sharing but I’m sick of seeing people beg for all of this with absolutely nothing to gain in return for the race you’re taking from.

And that’s why people are sharing what they want to see in blood elves too. Because apparently few of you get it. Those that do, that’s great, but i don’t want to see ONE PERSON begging for blood elf stuff turn around and say “no, blood elves shouldn’t get an exchange of a hair style”.


Realistically more for Blood Elves still doesn’t garner my support for the issue at hand of the visual distinction of hair being freely given to VEs, BE customization isn’t and shouldn’t be held hostage because people who just got a huge hand out can’t accept the visual distinction Blizzard leaves in place.

The same on the end of Void Elves my “more” for VEs is more Void options which is itself to keep the two races distinct moving forward especially.

As far as the jewelry it is an added insult that they do not utilize gender neutrality on things like jewelry (we see this on BEs and NEs) and or tattoos (on NEs only the guys get the body tattoos) stuff like that is silly, expanding the jewelry options for BEs and leaving half the player base out from using it while HE fans plea for more options that essentially does destroy what visual distinction is left isn’t exactly an ideal scenario.

My issue is more so with the colors as natural hair colors fulfill the generic Elf fantasy that is the BE visual theme, the actual styles I’m a lot more indecisive on and I don’t dislike your idea because it adds styles but would implement the theme of the race to those styles to make it work.


Those issues are already covered in other threads and Blizzard has already told other posters that an OP doesn’t decide the fate of the thread, just because you don’t like that its being talked about there doesn’t mean its not being talked about there.

You have edit marks on your post which restores your own post for you and if people don’t know that well now they do.

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