Void Elf Customization Thread (For The Void Aspect)

I am kind of sad now that Void Elves came at the end of Legion. Would have liked to see them as the station head instead of Gilneas, giving the Alliance “quarter” a voidy face-lift.

I thought they where blue instead of purple and the vines where missing… may be some mandela effect going on.

I would defiantly like to see a Void Elf take on an arcane sanctum.

Would go well with the cosmic vibe they have going on.


Exactly what I’m talking about like what if the Lodge in Loch Modan had the Blood Elf Farstrider Lodge Building but little bit different and it would have not just the one blonde female high elf but other refugees or Void Elves living together with the other hunters.

Heck Highvale Lodge would also have the same Lodge Blood Elf building except little more unique like in the Warcraft comics with the Thalassian Village and such.

Maybe we should ask whoever made Void Elves on Twitter or the Devs in General in a way to bring in Void Elf Content on to the Alliance.

Those look awesome! Well done!

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Looking at the Dracthyr customizations seen here…

I can see with the hair accents that Starcursed hair is very much a viable option in the future. This gives me some hope.

Also those hairstyles would be so nice just… For everyone.


I’m rather put off by the lack of a white hair color, but I’m drooling over those cuts :blue_heart:

But it’s worth noting they’re once again very generic, and I hope they get released for everyone someday :frowning:

Alleria (Void Elf), Sylvanas ( Blood Elf ‘yeah they changed their name’) and Vereesa (High Elf) all grew up in the same house. There is a quest that goes there in Gostlands.

Most of us have been to the house on quests. Several times (alts).

I saw this point in a post yesterday, and I can’t stop, “Ah, yes. The three types of elves: Alleria, Sylvanas, and Vereesa.” from playing on repeat in my head :joy:

But Blizzard really does just think that way.

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I notice that in spite of seeing that post you can’t challenge what I said with a rational argument. My question goes unanswered. How can three sisters all be a different race?

How can the house they all grew up in look different depending on which one you are thinking about?

I wasn’t arguing, so apologies if it came off that way :blue_heart:

My brain just has bad idiot disease and that is very funny to me.

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Ok, no problem then. I have been challenged in that fashion, apologies if I took it the wrong way.

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I saw the giant circle of seething, and stepped out of it. I’ve done the song and dance, too (this is Tasha. I’m just tired of my broken achieve list, and the alt is DoA).

Just too tired to fight with people over pixels. I wanna play dress up with my elves. :blue_heart:

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Me too on the dress up. That’s why I keep asking for a nice pair of black tights. They say I have to go do a Necrolord thing but that looks like quite a grind.

6,000 Stygia

I do not blame you for not wanting to do that :grimacing:

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Sylvanas technically died and was raised before they changed their names so she’d still be a “high” elf… if we’re being extremely specific.

I’d only really classify one of them maybe as a different race but even that seems odd to me. Like I see Void Elves as a different race since they were physically changed to a significant degree by the “trap”. But Alleria wasn’t made a Void Elf the same way and its unclear how much change she underwent.

Regardless they’re all still Thalassian elves. Not like their past was erased, nor the fact that they were at one time the same thing or still are.


Lack of white hair?

Looks like they have 2 white hair color options to me! 3rd row 4th and 5th options.


Oh!!! Those were not there with I first perused, but it looks like they added quite a bit but since I did. I have no more complaints :blue_heart:



I hope this purple wyrm can be tamed. :crossed_fingers:

She is perfect for a void elf hunter. :heart_eyes::purple_heart:


Sure would love to see those types of Blonde, Orange, Blue, and Brown hair options on the Void Elves with those colors.