Void Elf Customization Thread (For The Void Aspect)

I want these things, but i will gladly wait until more void options are added. Also i like the void theme too, and i want every void elf player to be happy. I hope next time we heard about void elf customizations, it will be only void themed options to make ppl like you happy.


Aye, I hope that they give proper attention to the LFD and the Nightborne, and later HMT. All three need a fair bit I think. (nightborne need a lot)

I’d say DID need something but I can’t… really think of what I’d personally want to see for em.

Mag’har I can think of several things…

I hope we get the first looks at the new options soon.




Also, more than one color of eye flame would be welcome. More elaborate or variable tattoos. Soot body markings. Scars. For the love of Ragnaros, scars. And if ever a race needed body jewelry and possibly some rune markings, dwarves should be on the list. Especially the extra fancy magic dwarves.

You know. Just sayin’.


I always assume the following for all races:

Scars, Tattoos, Jewelry.

None of those things are representative of a race (in their base forms) and should be given to all.

Also scars should be apart from faces BlIZZARD!

Soot… hadn’t thought of soot at all… I like it.

Rune markings of course. More eye colors for all races I say. Even just tints of red and orange for DID would be helpful.

Thank you for your list. I’m not as crazy about dwarves since they butchered the only ones I cared about and made em minor tattoos for Bronzebeard Dwarves.


I love dwarves.

I’d rather have had Wildhammer be their own thing, but at the end of the day, at least it’s better than not getting them at all.

I’d like to see some more magical tattoos. Compared to the other dwarves, Dark Iron are more magical and a bit more sophisticated, and it’d be fantastic to see some customizations reflecting that. The tattoos are cool, but mostly a bit blocky and … eh, a bit underwhelming. I’d really like to see some more elaborate updos, too.


I greatly disagree. I waited 15 years for Wildhammer to be made playable only to see them in the dim light from AR’s be relegated to minor customizations.

The most important clan of dwarves to the Alliance. Reduced to a tattoo.

I can’t even stand playing mine… T_T (I realize this is a personal problem)

They really deserved a place alongside the Bronzebeard and DID… plus their racials, heritage armor, and mount would have been amazing.

I think your runic idea would work well for that. Still dwarven looking but add a glow effect and would be neat.

All dwarves I think need more hair options… and beards.


I do have my pair of Wildhammers.

Gurda, and then I have a Wildhammer Death Knight PURELY for the heartbreak of the skeletal gryphon because I’m terrible.


I truly wish the hair options they are adding are not copy-pastes from the belves and get the ombre purple added to the tips.



Just got the one right now… tried to make a second… I just couldn’t.

I wish we had a Stormhammer racial and gryphon stuff for em… it would really mean the world to me. I MIGHT switch my main… (Unless they release Sethrak then I’m a snake forever.)

Theres a couple up in my OP that I really want to see honestly…


I want all of those unnatural ones! We aren’t natural anymore and we accepted that.


I definitely still want some Starcursed void glowing aesthetics, be it eye colors, tattoos, secondary hair coloring or any of that good stuff.

Some darker EE style skin tones would be great right about now as well to help counterbalance the new natural hair options on the way.

Tentacle toggles too! :octopus:


Me too. I don’t play dwarf, but more hairstyles? Hair colors etc xD


-digs up old photoshoops-


I love the pink and the purple, like wow. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


I mean, if I can do it in 1 minute in photoshop, Blizz can do it properly with animation ect just as easily. Give DKs, Warlocks and mages some extra spice! Not just for DIDs.


Absolutely, I could go for some nice void talons with the new open hand mogs in SL. Especially the Fae cosmetic sets.


I remember these!

Very nice. Wasn’t this mostly for DKs?

I actually wish we knew exactly the effort and time they usually set for such things. Would be easier to judge our requests. lol

For a half second I thought you meant they’d announced hidden weapons mog options…

I was so excited.

Talons would be an amazing option for Void Elves.


Well we know how they do textures.

So they have to recolour this file. Easy. The flames and animation would be a separate file with alpha so it can be transparent and overlay. The haircuts and beards are also separate files.


Void elves have a lot of blue and purple options, so it makes sense for people, including Void elf fans, to want to see some light hair colours as well. I think it’s false to assume that all those who support hair colour variety and light hair colour options are just Helfers who care about their High elf aesthetic. There are also many who very much like Void elves, but would like to see some light hair colour options.

That said, both Fen and I have suggested interesting light hair colour ideas that include some void corruption in them. I love the Void blonde option for example, the one that includes void highlights (the one on Fen’s post was a commission made for me by Rama). Also, stark white and jet black hair (which are most likely among those to be included among those 5 colours), fit very well with both the Void elf and High elf aesthetic.

I would very much like to see, for the Void elf theme, tattoos/ void markings, N’zoth style eyes, entropic embrace skin tones, and jewellery adorned with Void gems.


Actually no it does not.

The void is the darkness magic in WoW, bright colors goes against the void theme as well as natural colors.