Void Elf Customization Thread (For The Void Aspect)

I said me. Not shadow priests.


That hair only works for females. They are the only ones with long hair like that. And it just wouldn’t look normal on a male regardless… It just requires too specific of a hair type to pull off. I don’t see blizzard doing that. The best you’ll get is the pink color night elves have.

Heh, My mistake. :stuck_out_tongue:

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my edit of rama’s stuff. eek hope he doesnt mind.
also pink hair for everybody. cause pink it just goes with the fashioooon - aerosmith. hehe


Wanna do one for the males?

I suspect Rama won’t mind too much. He’d probably enjoy seeing it.




We don’t usually agree on customization stuff but wow I surely support this. :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:

Indeed I seen it and was like wow login and comment just for that, lol.




whee. rama did some awesome starry fx on that. you can really see them in lighter colors


Show it with the restraint male hairstyle. Show it with the agony style. Hell. Even Dark Tides. Let’s see how it looks with those.

which ones are they? i dont know them by name and search engine didnt help

I can’t post the images> I gave you the name of the hairstyles. They are for void elf males. Restraint is hair number 11. Agony is hair number 6. Dark Tides is hair number 4.

something like this? (i admit i toned down the shadows under his eyes and i dont have peak fine motor control anymore so i color outside the lines)

cleaned it up a bit

and a helf-like version. excuse the eyes. i just made the pupils myself instead of getting ones from an actual wow model.


Imma just weigh in here . . . I fully support this and home it comes about, all I ask for is one, maybe two normal hairstyles (one or two for males and one or two for females), fel some of those could even have voidy options as well. At the end of the day I just want everyone to be happy.


This pink hair with the sparkly effect is everything.

It’s the perfect shade of pink and in the color range of pastels I’m wishing and hoping for, along with a blue and violet color.

Well done! :heart: :hugs:


There is no void paladin.

Nor should there be a class skin of one.

Twilight hammer paladins use light animations before we head to that.

Do you really want this arguement here?

My opinion of that is they use arcane runes on gloves, directly on hands or via jewelery for protection from the light and go almost the same route blood knights took where they used a naaru as a means to use the light except from another source; a light crystal like the preists/paladins used to create the ashbringer.

This is however not an endorsement for void paladins, nor an endorsement for blizz to discard lore for the classes to cave in to people acting like children wanting all classes for all races.

There should never be a void elf paladin…

Popularity will ensure that.

I feel like the whole void elf paladin thing might be too spicy a meatball for this thread.

ghost pepper spicy that is!

Yes, I was talkimg about how I’d want it to be added now that blizzard has come out and said they’re working towards all classes for all races.

So that it would be a void based concept rather than light.

I rather like class skins on paper myself. They could greatly increase rp options for many races and stories.

Particularly interested in Kul’tiran Tidepriests in that regard. Though I can think of a ton others I wouldn’t mind.

Actually found out recently they sometimes use light sometimes use void sometimes use a mix. Blizzard hasn’t been super consistent there.

Though what I’m talking about wouldn’t rely on that as it would be new lore for a new order between four races learning to utilize the void alongside martial prowess.

Which is why I want any “paladin” skin for void knights to be applied to more than one race.

Forsaken, Void Elves, Mag’har and Worgen particularly.

Though I’d imagine if they go the skin route they’d apply it to everyone who can be a Paladin.

What I want is lore to justify it for void elves and those races and again since blizzard has now said they are intending to go the all classes all races route, I’m going to share my opinion on it.

That said it’s not a focus of this thread. I don’t see class additions generally as customization options.

If you’re going to argue over a high elf option you can do so in a high elf thread.

I made no claim to light based paladins for void elves. Nor would that conversation continue here had folk not continued to talk about it.

If you want the topic to die, fastest way is not to engage it.

That’s a high elf paladin imo. I’m not for that.

If we’re getting paladin it should be void based. I hope when they go to give us lore for it they don’t take a lazy approach.

I believe so as well.

Sounds like it may be a bit for full on guilds and things though.

Theres a few reasons I don’t include it in the main post.

One, I believe it’s more than a customization and one that could and should apply to more than one race. Because it is effectively adding a whole new fantasy on top of another its not as simple as a Sunwalker for instance.

And two, it causes significant divisions between players even among pro velf and pro helf folk, before you even get into pro belf folk.

I have a ghost pepper plant growing right now…


then you should not be for any paladin for void elves.

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