Void Elf Customization Thread (For The Void Aspect)


Common ground already.

Aw it’s ok.

Classic (vanilla) was a blast. There are far worse places to be stuck.


Jimmy please. We already have one classic (literal) troll with bad spelling. Trick has been done. It’s not gonna get you friends.


Sha antlers, they’d be magnificent!

practices using the Void to open doors with telepathy “YEEEEEEESssss! Now I am a Sith lord!”


i dont understand what u r tryign 2 achieve from being rude online 4 no reasonm???

I wanna be your friend, honestly. But your typing hurts my brain. Please. STOP. :crying_cat_face:


Not a bad idea.

I tend to shy away from the Sha stuff as its… an echo of an old god with specific themeing. (emotions) Still its about time I added that concept.

Honestly wish our Spatial Rift was a open gateway sort of power… not unlike a warlocks recall portal. (I can’t remember the warlock spell)


what !!!1

telepathy testing is interrupted by an abrupt migraine


The biggest issue I can see with the ideas you posted (And they’re really good, don’t get me wrong.) is that they may clash horribly with the proc effect for Entropic Embrace.

How do you mean?

Yesss! Thank you for finally making this thread :black_heart::sparkles: your ideas are 10/10.

I’d love to see more void customizations for my void elves! We are not high elves. We are edgelords. :love_you_gesture:t2:

The day my void elf can get star hair would be amazing.



I decided I didn’t want to be asking for what I was interested in among folks who clearly didn’t want the same things.

These options would normally fit within those threads but I felt like these options would just get buried in the arguments raging around them.

That said I welcome anyone whatever side of that debate they’re on to offer suggestions for this one as they see fit.

Though I should point out many of the ideas within this list are not of my own creation but rather come from a wide grouping of Void Elf fans. Thankfully some very nice folk made some mockups and we have plenty to show for many of the ideas around them.

As would I.

I particularly want to see the stomach mouth and tentacles for the body. I would have this toon complete with them.

I intend to use Starcursed or starry hair on my hunter if we get that one. :stuck_out_tongue:


i just want normal white hair for my normal skin tone so i can look like vereesa. it fits the void theme


White hair fits the void theme perfectly fine.

Less sure what the normal skintone and Vereesa have to do with it… but you do you.

Like I said many of the options outlined above in the list are helpful to those seeking more High Elf looks. Though, as stated that is not the specific intent.


antlers? We tuaren now? :stuck_out_tongue:

What about starcursed eye options? :stuck_out_tongue:


i think white hair fits the void theme too and thats why it was excluded. even more now with normal skin tones

because i want to play a non void infused elf, like vereesa who has normal white hair too. vereesa, vereesa, vereesa, silver covenant basically

yes thank you. we need void and normal options, and blood elves can have dark ranger/undead skins

oh, got it :wink:

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Your playing a void elf though. You should have at least some void taint on your character then just entropic embrace.

Maybe ask for a new race… how bout half elves :stuck_out_tongue: and maybe posting it on another thread or something.


Thought that was up there already. I’ll add it.

Mag its not my intent with this to play a high elf.

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got it, right


also farstrider tattoos for void elves AND forsaken elves if they get added to the horde

there are non void transformed elves in the rift

At the very least don’t bother hiding behind an alt.

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