Void Elf Customization Thread (For The Void Aspect)

void elf with chopped hair and reddish colored eyes.


Love the eyes especially


haha, now those are wings!


Wish we had a blonde hair option for obvious reasons.


I feel like that would be hard to convince blizzard to give us… but yes. That would be wonderful!

There are some options presented in the OP of a voidy nature for that.

However if you’re only interested in High Elf based options I encourage you to head over to the current High Elf Thread.

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Those wings are lovely :heart_eyes:


would go well with a new class, like faery magic.


i wonder if she made them from scratch or snagged from aion mmo and added void fx.

whole page of aion wings


Seems they drew it over the course of a three hour stream and it was based partially on Aion wings.

Watched the time lapse and don’t see what reference they used, though they mention that its based off their old banner.

Kinda looks like they’re going off their own draw rather than a trace or reference.



its well done!

here’s an old painting of mine that i cropped to demonstrate a feathery hairstyle. (was part of an old angel painting i did years ago). this would be a cool hairstyle. reminds me a bit of wrathion’s new hair

maybe the feathery bits could be outlined in a glowy void color. i just dont have the skills to do it. maybe izzabelle could do it if she likes the idea


You know I’m not playing wow atm but if I was this character would turn into my most played rather quickly (because I just love my priest most I think, I also have the name Lannister on Tich so that’s cool and am planning a hunter at some point) but speaking of faith I put my priest in night fae and they really are next to Maldraxxus and the undying army thing my favorite zone / cov. Liked them a lot more than I thought I would.


I went Maldraxxus.

Felt oddly right.

Fenelon may be a priest but he is more than willing to fight for honor and glory.

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The cloth armor from there is my favorite but I love Night fae the best, and Venthyr I couldn’t pass up on my warlock for the Blood Elf Kael connection. But I’d say I like Maldraxxus more than Venthyr it just sigh I’m not an alt person to the point where I’d have more than 1 / 2 characters doing things lol


My mage Kyuu went Venthyr for exactly that.

I do love the cloth set for Maldraxxus.

My druid went night fae.

Paladin went Bastion…

I’m fairly bland. Lol


really? whatcha playing, if anything?


Well I’m actually going to be a bit busy so no games atm but when I’m not busy a friend did convince me to try ffxiv and its a lot of fun I like it, I really only like white mage though as far as classes that speak to me (maybe scholar?), I also have ESO’s latest expansion that honestly before I come back I want to at least give some time to otherwise why did I buy it xD

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At this point I much would rather see the Void Elves again than what’s going on in the Maw. That’s saying something given the fact I much would want to see different Characters from the Warcraft Lore and even familiar threats like the Void and stuff.

Not a fan of void elves? o-O

That’s like years ago in 2018 but now I do and I really want them more than spotlight of Humans, Night Elves, and etc. Just gets to a point where it’s kind of meh including Humans. That’s saying something giving the fact I’m a Paladin.

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While I have little hope for us to be a major spotlight race in the near future the way Blizzard appears to be going with things, it would be nice to see our lore expanded upon.

My greatest hope would be to see the Telogrus Rift expanded to use all five islands, with buildings. Some for lodging and storage and perhaps even growing food for our people. Some for storing our Starcursed Hawkstriders (and maybe some Starcursed Dragonhawks or Hippogryphs?) Some for studying the void perhaps focused around the now contained Void Storm on the third island. Others for conducting rituals and training to fight for our rangers. Also of course, a npc event showing new void elves being made coming out with a smattering of our customizations to make them all canon as well as any we may get in the future.

I want to see our people become something. Walk through the many doors now open to us.

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