Void Elf Customization Thread (For The Void Aspect)

Found this today. Appears to be a build of Void Elves for Warcraft III? Not entirely sure. But it sure is neat!

by Nightelfbuilder (Possibly by a person named Mythic its unclear in the place I found it.)

Really would love some additional heritage armor and heritage weapons down the line.

Especially want a covered chest (perhaps with armor) too.

That image from the bottom left is giving me heavy Legacy of Kain vibes for some reason.

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Oh man I can see that.

I miss that series… I should play it again…

Wooowww, I LOVE it. I love that it emphasizes the cosmic side of Void elves so much more in lesser graphics!

That would be rad, I just hope they don’t leave out the extra hairstyles. I really really want some new hairstyles and maybe some ported over from Kul’tirans

It looks like a clear earring shape, doesn’t strike me as a lighting bug. I really do hope it’s an indicator that we might get some stuff soon

Yeah IKR I really think they should go for what DOTA 2 has done where external parties inc artists can make art and animation submissions and on approval it’s added to the store for player use.

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Kinda like the Blood Mage type look there too. Saw a fan art where someone basically made Kael’thas as a Void Elf and really like the look of that type of armor on us.

I have Blast on ignore so I didn’t see that but I don’t know if its earrings myself. Could be though. Be nice to see more added in that regard especially for men.

Honestly as things go on there is the possibility of it happening… but given Blizzards past records on such things I’m dubious that it would.

Heres hoping regardless we get some nice new customizations down the line!

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So Blizzard announced Human and Orc Heritage armor and when they did so mentioned that there will be alternative tints or options possibly, which would be amazing for all races but here are some alternatives for void elves.



Possibly an armored chest (this is a recolor of hunter tier.)

Would also be nice to see the wings removed from mog or as an option in mog. I’d like to see it become customization personally.


When I originally saw the void elves I thought the wings were just part of them and was a bit excited about it. To my great disappointment they’re attached to a stupid collared (shawl?) that clips into my pony tail.


I’d like a void knight style class, and when Dracthyr came out, they’re essentially the framework I was thinking of.
Your regular (visage) form, open to most races then your combat form (include a toggle, always on, always off, on via combat/off when combat and expand that to worgen) ends you shift into which would be a customizable aberration. Could go the shaman route and have a caster spec too (cultist).
I was basically thinking medieval fantasy venom, with a bunch of customizations pulled from other void beings/old gods. Horns/crests, multiple eyes, tentacles, tendrils etc. Could throw in various body types/coatings. Various plating.

One idea I had was even adding voice lines like Xal’atath. An old write up I did had you starting out as a warrior, captured and taken to a void encampment of some sort, where they make sentient weapons by binding void creatures to the weapons…in order to escape, you and one of these creatures bind together, granting powers and such.

Could always just stumble across something in some black empire ruins and you free a being that binds to you so it’s not trapped again etc.

Sounds like there’s a chance we’ll be exploring some black empire stuff before long too.

Having an actual class built around the void would be a nice option.

Be neat playing a void elf (or whatever race) and shifting into a big hulking monstrosity with 6 eyes, horned head crest, back tenctacles, big toothy maw all decked out in void themed armor…size physique like the new drakonid models or something like that…maybe even the stoneborn.

Make it very customizable, lots of body sizes and shapes, materials.

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Should have made it a back piece or better yet, a neck piece.

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I hope they add a void option…

Was looking at this again on a blood elf (it shows up on them too) and I noticed its only on the one side and is the same shader as the light splash from Orgrimmar’s background light. I think this is just a light shader error not some indication of new future customization.

Its very odd though.

Those shoulder visual enchants are cool, and I’d love a void option but unfortunately, the three-star one only lasts an hour. They aren’t permanent. I’d love to see these become permanent.

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Bah they’re not permanent!?

Thats a shame.

They should have permanent options, people have wanted the arcane orbs again for a long time. Void Orbs would be so awesome for void elves too. Arcane or Fire for my blood elves would be nice as well.


If they ever add new dances for void elves the female one should be the Wednesday dance :laughing:


I would not mind that.

Kinda always thought all the AR’s should have had their own dances and maybe some other minor changes to the emotes from their parent races.

Was actually really happy to see the significant differences between gnomes and mechagnomes.


The mechagnome swim animation has got to be one of the best things in this game, lol.

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Guys! Orcs and humans are getting more hair colors so this gives me hope for the future :smiley:


I’m actually surprised at how small their hairstyle list is. Doesn’t help that most clip through head slot gear.

They are indeed!

Very nice to see, though I do wish Blizzard would just hurry up and get all the races parent-AR hairstyles shared and update all the races hair colors with new colors like this all at once.

I shouldn’t complain though, I’m just happy we’re seeing some customizations still being looked at each patch cycle.

Glorious news!

Void Elves? We have a fair number of hairstyles I think compared to other AR’s, and all hairstyles tend to clip through some headslot items, but yeah we could definitely use more hairstyles.


Blonde orcs and humans with pink, blue or green hair !:heart_eyes:

It’s nice to have hair colors that allow more diversity.:+1:

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