Void Elf Customization Thread (For The Void Aspect)

this IS a veiled alliance high elf thread

there is a dedicated high elf thread already tho

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If you see the art up close, you’ll notice he has void elf tentacles and some pieces of heritage gear.

Also, if you listen to his quotes they have a reverb effect to them.


it doesnt matter either way

just google is hearthstone canon


I see. I guess it’s not always easy to get Void elf ears not to look like Night elf.
Thank you.


though i agree that this is a thread about void elves, sadly high elf customizations FOR void elves are still on void elves. in fact, we can mix void elf customizations with high elf customizations (cool beans). the people talking about high elf customizations on their void elves, really have nowhere else to post. most such threads are 404’ed or all the image links in the op to support the topic are broken when the op loses their trust level from being flag bombed.

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This thread is specifically for the void aspect though. It’s in the title.

There’s a thread about high elf customization on void elves linked in the OP here. It was last posted in 8 days ago. I’ll link it here for you:


hyper what is the current topic right now for the last dozen or so posts?

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Either way: she is my knaifu and that’s canon. Everyone else is alternate history.

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cool thanks! but dang, i cant make the thread a cool header like i made for this thread because the op doesnt appear to have the trust level for images.


Because the OP has been inactive for so long :sob: I think it maybe time for a new thread… And one with an active OP with TL3 to post the images.

they wont be TL3 for long and all their image links will break

He posted an hour ago.

Wait, what? Lemme go see this…

If the post gets restored, so does the TL3 I think.

Don’t quote me on that though.

Lore just DM’d me on Discord, he account is locked with permanent TL3, since he is the OP of that thread, so he can edit and keep the OP updated, but he just can’t bump it due to he doesn’t have the game time to post on the forums.

what speakest thou? hehe

that thread is trippy to read. lol

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Next batch of customization options we’ll very likely see a way to disable or change EE. So I doubt that.

Blood elves are horde. I want to be alliance with the alliance mogs I worked for, and in their awesome cities. Not their little dirt huts of the horde.

Would you stop. Having Paladins that have holy won’t derail your race. You can have your void side, but ONLY if we get holy for the high elf side. If not, neither should get pally.


doh. k, i want helf stuff too but you’re being ridiculous now and making me look bad. lol stop that

oops, that was my post above. was checking my human mage mog and forgot to get back on my lock