Void Elf Customization Thread (For The Void Aspect)

I think Void elves have a great concept, lore and theme. Yes their lore is not very long, but it’s nice regardless! I love their hairstyles and makeup, I don’t even mind the tentacles they’re unique. I used to love the hair colors back in Legion and BFA, but once SL launched and the regular skins came out and I noticed how the hair colors did not match the skins I got annoyed. That’s what brought me to the forums. I didn’t even know about the whole division between Helfers and antis until I came to the forums in SL. I just wanted some light hair colour shades for them. And I would appreciate the unique N’zoth eyes and the EE skins too.

I main holy priest to be perfectly honest and would’ve loved to play that on my Velf but with the golden armor I love using for the last 3 expansions doesn’t fit with blue hair. I play Lightforged draenei instead.


Indeed it is.

I do hope Blizzard makes use of those concepts in the future and doesn’t just abandon us… or worse just use us as a gateway to High Elves. (Not worse in that people get their high elves, worse in that we’d effectively be wasted for no reason.)

My greatest hope, as I think it would be the easiest and at the same time the most impactful, would be for them to utilize all five islands in the Telogrus Rift and build us a small city of sorts. Showing not only that we are now more than a scant few, as well as where we hold our rituals to make more of ourselves. (hopefully with the results being a mix of all current and future options added to us) as well as places to store our people and supplies, stables for our pets and mounts and training grounds for both the magister types and martial types.

I see us as we could be and it is glorious.

As our people often say, many doors are open to us. I think we need to walk through them.

I’m sure you’ve tried but if I may, the dark teal and blue in most lights often can look like a shade of black and our silvery colorations are not bad especially for a holy priest. If you’re going for that look there is no reason you should need to sacrifice a beloved race.

I came to the forums for similar reasons. I wanted to expand void elf options. Hard to believe that was more than two years ago now. Spent most of that time realizing most people on the forums weren’t that interested in void elf options unless they were high elf based. Which made me rather sad. Tried to be helpful at first. Eventually just gave up. I support what I want now and little else.

Thats not to say I’m against high elf options. If those come I wont mind. I just want more void ones. And Sethrak… But thats another topic.

As I said above you might try the darker teal or silvery colors. I find they work great for high elf looks. (Or at the very least with the natural skin tones.)

I also personally think the purple wine coloration works really well with natural skintones and its not too far off from what a high elf could conceivably have anyways.


Well, I find your thread very inclusive, with lots of variety that benefits both groups while adhering to some uniqueness. I actually came on here to show my support for your thread and post suggestions as well, but you cover most of my own suggestions in your OP anyways!

What I have been trying to explain to some on the other thread is that even if I cannot speak for everyone, I know some people who would be happy with unique options for their Void elves that do not copy Belfs. I support unique hairstyles, hair colors, further EE skins, N’zoth eyes, void markings, etc etc. But I do love light shades like white and blonde, so I am trying to suggest shades and effects that will help differentiate Velfs from Belfs while still providing us with variety.

And yes the maroon and the grey-blue colours can fit with golden armor, you are right on that. I think the reason I didn’t go for it is because of this continuous struggle to get variety and the uncertainty on when the AR will get worked on. The waiting has kind of killed off my excitement for new stuff :frowning:

But yeah I have been following these forums for a while and have liked many of your posts on here, and you will find I support the absolute majority of the options in your OP. I’d like to be perceived as a supporter of your thread. I have good intentions :blush:


I appreciate that. My intent is not to harm those who are interested in High Elves and certainly not to harm Blood Elf players, I only want more for void elves. Things that I think (and many others who have on the whole been the sources for my suggestions in this thread) would help to give Void Elves more options without having to turn them into something they’re not.

I’d like to believe that everyone can at least get some of what they’re looking for, though I do not doubt that there will always be those who are unhappy with the result.

All good options.

I like to dream that Blizzard didn’t use customizations as a parlor trick like they have, and that in the future we’ll have plenty to show for it.

But hope is a scarce commodity these days.

Perhaps they’ll focus on it in a serious manner come 10.0. But honestly I think I’ve lost my sincere hope for that.

Again I appreciate it.

And again I apologize for the hostility in my initial reply to you here. While I did not intend it to be hostile, its clear that for you and probably others, it was taken as such.

I find I’m often a bit touchy on such topics after so long here.


No worries, I also apologise for my seer overreaction. I am senstive so unfortunately I sometimes get heated and type without thinking enough of exactly what message I want to pass on!


Well, your upvote in the thread that said -and I quote-:

Actually suggest otherwise. And yes, don´t kick the bee nest if you don´t feel like getting stinged, ergo, don´t complain over getting “offended” when it was YOU the one to escalate the issue. Fen´s response was perfectly diplomatic.

And sorry NOT sorry, the “lul, I goof on muh posting” when you get called out on your attempts are not good enough to fool the likes of me. It´s Fen´s thread and absolutely his call, but frankly if the only thing you wanted to do here was to complain over the tentacles then you shouldn´t had bothered, you fulfill this job more than well enough in the Helfer thread.

I have not personally conversed with you before so this amount of aggression is kind of uncalled for.

If you scroll up, you can clearly see I’ve written the following:

Then this:

I liked Sandrinar’s post because it was another post requesting stuff for Void elves, it helps to promote them. While I do not oppose the requests of pros, I have stated both to other pros and on here that I do not support the copy of Belf hairstyles or colours. No, I do not belong to that group of people who want nothing for Void elves or only support very limited options. But I also do not identify with those who only support copying Blood elves.

I wish for unique customization that will differentiate us but also allow us variety through some light colour shades.

And why are you interfering in this manner between me and Fen when we have already solved our issue? It was a misunderstanding, I apologised for not wording correctly my opinion on tendrils, he accepted that, I also apologised for overreacting.

No it isn´t. YOU were the one to escalate -and worse, your words don´t compute with your actions-, then own to it.

The only thing Fen said to you was that he disagreed with the notion of “tentacles being detrimental to the Velf model”. And you were the one to make a whole bolded paragraph full of irony and mockery just because he “dared” to call you on your post history. In his very much VERY pro void aesthetics thread (I mean, If you hate the tentacles the “we would like more void stuff for our Velf model” kinda isn´t the ideal place to get people to agree with this notion.

Soooo… you go around liking stuff that directly contradicts your opinions and notions simply because you want to give “publicity” to it? And you don´t see the problem with this behaviour?

Didn´t you realize that maybe this “like” could end up causing literally what you say you don´t agree with a.k.a. the Belf race getting literally cloned -cause that´s what it´s said in plain sight on that post you were 100% happy to agree with to the point you upvoted it-?


What´s with people upvoting stuff without reading it first ffs…

Because he´s one of the most decent posters in the thalassian elf community and he deserves waaay better than to get some hypocritical (and apparently, irresponsible too) Helfer harrasing him in his own thread.

Sorry not sorry, when I have to call a spade a spade I´ll do it. Don´t like it, feel free to put me on ignore and move on. But don´t pretend to pass for a victim whrn your own behaviour was telling enough for the ones of us that actually READ the posts.


Ugh, I reaaaally do not think this will happen. Most likely not. I was not subbed at that time, but if I was I would have commented that I appreciate he’s asking for Void elf stuff but I’d prefer unique hair colors and hairstyles to establish differentiation between us.

I felt attacked and that he was creating a division among us when I’ve GENUINELY wanted to support his thread. I will gladly remove my comment about the tendrils if you wish, if only I knew it would cause so much drama I never would have written it…Like I said I don’t even mind tendrils personally, I just know people that do. And Fen himself has repeatedly stated the toggle is a good idea for both groups.

Tbf after Lore adjusted its narrative to no longer be a troll thread I too liked that post.

And since Ellincia there is relatively recent they weren’t here for its trollish nature.

(That said my like there isn’t in support of the whole thing. I think many of Lore’s desires are very far out there.)

I do want to address this a bit.

Ellincia has a tendency (which they mention above) to overreact, something many of us share.

She and I had a talk about it, and I think we came to an understanding that it was mostly a miscommunication between us.

Also I brought up tentacles.

Ariel has an aggressive post method, it’s not personal.

They have a wealth of information and great ideas for both velfs and belfs.

Do not judge them harshly.


It claims that.

Lore’s (Sandrinar’s main toon) post is entirely about high elves.

I appreciate that.

But I think Ellincia is more on the side of void elves than not.


Today I actually realized that I had not read the entirety of Lore’s updated thread. I actually find it to be a well written post because he explains in-depth his reasons for wanting certain customizations.

However, I would prefer unique hairstyles and hair colors for Void elves, in contrast to what he’s asking for. I think it causes too much drama and conflict to request the exact same stuff, and I find it unnecessary to do so when we can request new options that we would like to see, while still benefitting both Velf and Helf fans.


All I want is a short hair style something like this without tentacles is that too much to ask?


How bout dis one detentacled


Not bad at all I was just thinking of something roughly like that.


Some more suggestions from me (some might be repetitive):

Hair Colours:
Stark White & Fire effect: https://imgur.com/a/YeNfBSM
Jet Black & Fire effect: https://imgur.com/a/zUONew0
Brown & Voidy effect: https://imgur.com/a/oeO0LFC
Pale Pastel Pink: https://imgur.com/a/Hr2OSE2


N’zoth style eyes: https://imgur.com/a/fzb6VUM

Markings/tattoos (can be shared with Belfs or also allow some different designs for each)

EE Skin Tones:

Jewelry adorned with Void gems.

Well my man, as long as he uses the words “the same as” in regards to Belf aesthetics in his thread ity will stay pretty much a troll thread. I know people sometimes puts likes on post they don´t completely agree with, but omg to like something that literally contradicts one´s arguments IS irresponsible (or at least leave the rest of us wondering if people even bothers to read what they sign for). That behaviour only benefits trolls.

Cause what he´s basically asking is to get the Belf race literally cloned, nothing else. Heck, up to class combos that don´t make sense like the DH one (wonder why??? I mean dude, he can make the actual old school real Demon Hunter, trhe fact he rather discards it to play with the Ken doll version is apalling in itself).

The first 3000 post are basically the meltdown of the troll post. Changing the text in the Op doesn´t erase all the historical record the troll post caused. If anything this reinforces my point: irresponsible, people liking stuff without reading it behaves irresponsible.

I suppose it´s a personal matter. I personally don´t like a post even if I agree with 90% of it´s content. As long as there´s something I´m firmly against it, no upvote from me. Cause I see it as the responsible thing to do.

My man, you didn´t had to. Tentacles ARE a key core feature of the Velf model as much as “Fel green eyes + pink skin” are for the Belf model.

If I go to the Belf thread to complain over the silouette of the Belf model cause I rather they looked like idk… Orcs!!, then I´d be kinda in the wrong place since the start. Cause then I should be playing with Orcs, not trying to change Belves to make them look like Orcs.

Same principle here. Your thread is PRO void aesthetics, and to come here to complain over the core deffining visual feature that translates the void aspect on the model implies kinda more than a little bit of lack of self awareness.

He/she didn´t bother reading the other thread´s Op. What makes you think He/She would bother reading the post of a dirty anti like myself? :upside_down_face:

Is not merely about “drama”, is because the very nature of the request.

If the designers cede and clone the Belf aesthetics once, then the players asking for that will never stop. They will always come and demand to get the Belf stuff precisely cause the designers would HAVE TO catter to this logic (if you comply one time, you kinda HAVE TO comply every time after that one… that´s how business work). And then we the Belf fans would get no chance to get some visual differences for our own model, cause all and every aspect would probably tried to get poached by the very people we have heard disparage, mock, ridicule and despise our fave race. And that is kinda painful in itself.

That´s the ocean of difference between asking “for the same stuff as” and asking actual similar BUT NOT literally the same stuff as. There are several ways you guys can get normal hair colorations than don´t involve the BS argument of “let me clone a Belf on the correct faction cause I refuse to aknowledge WC3 happened”. Heck, some of the artistic suggestions made in this very thread in favor of Helfy aesthetics actually look cooler than the ones currently implemented in the Belf model ffs!!!


I have actually read plenty of your posts, often to their entire length.

Aight, I want modern, trendy stuff for our lovely Void elves. Check my post above with the links.

You did? Cause I find funny how you were shocked over my actual trademark abbrasive posting (I mean, I´m one of the few ones that actually admits to her own btchy attitude, I despise the “I´m a cinnamon roll UwU baby while metaphorically stabbing people on their backs” attitude. The best policy is honesty always, and while that probably makes me a VERY disliked individual, it means the ones that tolerate me at least know what they are signing for).

You kinda should have expected to get chewed by me (I mean I´m sorry, but to hear you say “I´m not in favor of cloning the Belf model” while you upvote the post literally asking to clone the Belf model make you look incoherent AF), after all I have zero patience in this place regarding the arguments exposed.

As I´ve been saying: is not about cattering to the the “least effort” policy Blizz used and that was recently exposed, is about asking for things that yes, could help players on their inmersion in-game but that at the same time keep a modicum of respect for other players´ expectations too . If people is gonna ask for things, they should do better than to try and troll other posters just impulsed by pure pettiness.

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Stark White & Fire effect: https://imgur.com/a/YeNfBSM
Jet Black & Fire effect: https://imgur.com/a/zUONew0
Brown & Voidy effect: https://imgur.com/a/oeO0LFC
Pale Pastel Pink: https://imgur.com/a/Hr2OSE2


N’zoth style eyes: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EY6Xpd3XkAIV0WB.jpg

(Not exactly the same pic, but the link didn’t show and it still has the other pic :hugs:)

Markings/tattoos (can be shared with Belfs or also allow some different designs for each)

EE Skin Tones: