Void Elf Customization Thread (For The Void Aspect)

I don’t expect high elf folk or void elf folk to stop until they get what they’re asking for.

I’m personally content with what we have for high elves, but others are not.

I’m also personally willing to wait patiently until Blizzard gets their heads outta their butts and really works on customizations for everyone, including void elves. (Like they really should be doing better across the board.)

I can only assume they’re hoping the added exposure would catch Blizzards attention and bring it to the forefront of their minds.

Attacking discords during it is a bit odd but thats on them.

Y’know I expected more dragon class and race posts honestly. But we’ll see what happens after the announcement. Some folk are just cautious at this point I think.


Same goes for me. I also want a lot of the same things those seeking more void focus are looking for so I’ll be content no matter what Void Elves get in the future.


Is been a common talking point recently, what are your thoughts on adding things to the Telogrus Rift?

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Realized I never gave mine, so I’ll throw them in here.

I like the ideas you posted earlier, and think they’d be really cool if they were added to the game. But I’m personally not that invested in a Telogrus update. I never really have any reason to go there, and I don’t think that would change even if they made the area more developed.


I want much of the same things you posted already. Actual buildings, for any race to be able to visit Telogrus, to see how new Void Elves are coming into their power, etc. As you mentioned earlier, I’d also like to see new Void Elves using a mix of the old and new customizations to show varying stages of “void-ification” of new recruits, to make them canon.

For lore, I’d like to see some clear cut, non-vague, npc dialogue showing those High Elf Wayfarers that have remained loyal to the Alliance, and those Blood Elf Scholars who left behind Silvermoon, actually joining the Ren’dorei, and some indications as to why . Knowing how these elves came to the decision to embrace the void, and all the pros and cons that entails, would go a long way to fleshing out the Void Elf background and motivations.

If I had my way, in an expansion that featured us going to the Void itself to face off against the Void Lords, I’d want to see the Ren’dorei front and center, with a flying Ren’dorei themed fortress acting as the Alliance hub for the expansion (and similarly a Suramar-esque flying fortress hub for the Horde, with the Nightborne and Sin’dorei working together to get the Horde there).


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