Void Elf Customization Thread (For The Void Aspect)

i had an idea yesterday on how this could work lorewise. veressa has some high elf wayfarers in the rift to surveill (spy on) the void because she is worried for her sister, alleria. they discover something and go to report it to veressa. some silvermoon (blood elf) scholars overhear the discovery and report it to alleria. alleria flips out and ejects all high elf wayfarers from the rift. now we have intrigue. the wayfarers seek refuge with the silver covenant in dalaran or with wildhammer dwarves in hinterlands.

could spice it up even more if lor’themar had some silvermoon scholar spies there as well, who then report to lor’themar the discovery and subsequent banishment of the high elf wayfarers.

Happy to have you here Lyraseth.

You’ve contributed so much to this thread.


Void elves and Blood elves are an entirely different ball game though.

Apples to oranges.

Blood elves were around fel objects, void elves had it taken into their bodies directly.


I know this is 12 days ago, but it caught my attention. I wasn’t going to comment on it but now that Cadazmir continues to post in here, I wanted to point this out.

I love how Cadazmir is phrasing his unpopular opinion in a Void Elf customization thread as him giving us a chance. Like he was so generous to give us the opportunity to hear his opinion. How blessed we are.

No, sir, you are intruding in a topic that you have adamantly stated you are opposed to and being quite rude. We don’t want your “chances”. Please let people vibe in here for their void elf ideas and go toss your lot in a high elf thread. There are countless to choose from.


aww i liked the other take better. :grin:

Only the felblood elves would be on the level of the void elves in the fel direction.

It’s not like void elves are just dabbling.


His posts read like some tyrant in some forgotten land, haha.


Y’know I’m kinda thinking that might be the case actually.

I don’t know that I expect to see void elf options this run but the lack of data in these builds is odd.

And with the expansion announcement just around the corner that could easily make sense.

Like to go from doing some customization for ARs to none for the remaining ones is very strange especially since they hinted that other ARs would follow after the last .5 patch.

I also kinda thought they might add more to some of the core races customization wise in 9.2.5.


I love felblood elves so much.


when will it ever be enough?

It is not the point I am trying to make. All I am trying to say Void Elves are infused with the Void. It is apart of there DNA basically. They are not currupted of the Void.

So what? We got such small additions. Sure, we had multiple patches of customization, but think about it for a second… each patch just added 1 or two things, very small things might I add. It seems like a lot considering how many patches we acquired things, but if you look into it more you’ll find it wasn’t much of anything. The skin tones, eye color, and hair color could have all come out in one patch. Instead they delayed giving us the hair colors for no apparent reason. Do you see? With how they are holding things back, it’s going to take forever for us to get all the options we need for high elves.

That doesn’t mean anything. Just because you can turn tentacles off doesn’t mean they work for high elves all of a sudden. Tehy are still too messy, too wicked, too greasy and gross. Even without tentacles, none of them work. They need to be made specifically for high elves, or else no go. I don’t want any of their worthless hairstyles.

Now I can come to some sort of agreement here. I’m not completely opposed to compromise. Though it’s a compromise that got us into this mess, to begin with.

The void elves can have their customization during the next run, but with a few conditions: one, when they give them new hairstyles, they throw in a couple of the popular blood elf and human styles with them. And two, they give a toggle for Entropic Embrace along with the rest of the options. With that, I can at least feel satisfied and held over until we get more.

When we are given all the things I’ve requested. That is when enough will be enough. I am not even asking for a lot. The things I’ve asked for are just enough to complete the theme for high elves.

well that wont ever happen blizz wont go hey this guy right here yea give this ONE guy what he wants :joy: if they were to do that then maybe they would listen to how pvpers want our gear . Both wont ever happen .

That’s a dumb thing to say. I’m not the only one who wants these things, the whole of the High Elf community… which let me tell you is much larger than that of the void elf community, really, really wants these options. They’ve already given us a few of the things we’ve requested, why would they stop now?

They have also been listening to the PVP players. They brought back the vendors you requested. They may do more in the future.

its not its you expecting blizz to just whip up something because you want it

That is what customization requests are, no? Is this forum here not doing the exact same? Only High Elves have ever more reason to get them, because they need it the most out of anyone.

Not seeing any customizations in this build has taken a bit of steam out of my hype train TBH.


there is a place for that in your own high elf thread


Why is this blue Tauren so funny to me?

This is perfection incarnate and we as a society just aren’t ready for it.


Stop derailing the thread and please go find a high elf thread.