Void Elf Customization Thread (For The Void Aspect)


About time they noticed something of his.


Some news.

Patch 9.2 is coming out February 22nd.

Word is there will be a 9.2.5.

So maybe more customizations at the end of SLs? We’ll see what comes up.


As I said in the Dark Ranger thread, some Class/Race Skins would be a nice “Send Off” for the “End of Warcraft’s First Chapter” and would help wash the sour taste of Shadowlands out of our mouth.


shoves galaxy leggings back in the drawer

I must hide my pride.


I love galaxy leggings and galaxy hair. No shame in it. It’s pretty.


Class skins would be a nice addition. I wasn’t sold on them initially but the more I’ve looked at em the better they sound.

That and the sub-race system.

SLs though has been… disappointing on the whole. So many potential lore points just not explored or ignored.

And nothing real to link us back to Azeroth. I feel like I’ve had little reason to be interested in the stories of the Covenants people… If this were obviously more close to home I’d care a lot more. It just feels so distant…

So yeah. Something to help us forget a bit of that would be nice.

Mentioned this earlier and I’ve finally finished it.

I made a new thread! Not super pertinent to Void Elves… only real link is its an Alliance race. Still very excited and happy with the result so far!


Just hear to give my love for these ideas in this thread.

I put that thread on ignore after seeing it 11 hours it was created, only because there is some there who still like to whine about the Void Elves. So to avoid getting involved in conflict Fen, I put the thread on ignore. But I do like the idea though.

I wonder if 9.2 is actually going to be really worth it to get back to WoW for. I seen some people who checked it out on the PTR via Twitter saying there is some good, but I am wondering if it might be worth it?

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Do what you need to of course. A like to the main post would be helpful if you are ok with that.

At least Blizzard would know you support the race. (Entirely up to you.)

No clue. I’ll be around but I’ve mostly been playing old stuff. Current expansion lost me awhile ago.

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Made some minor changes to the main post.

Added eyes to the main part cause I realized recently I didn’t have them up with pictures despite having several standard examples.

I also made a new death knight I’m vibin with.



I made another one…

Also updated the other threads list so its alphabetical and mentions the author.

That’s all. Going to have a few more changes in the next few days then I’ll make a more interesting post.


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Thank you. Omg Thats been bothering me and I haven’t had time to go looking. >.<

Absolutely welcome anyone else to let me know who owns the work in the main post that I have labeled as by unknown. I suck at finding original authors.


Those are actually pretty friggin’ cool.


Check out the main post, there’s a lot here for void elves that’s very reasonable and amazing.

Here’s a few things that always spring to my mind.

By Ramavatarama


By Luoren

By Silverleaf

By Ramavatarama

But there are many many more great things void elves could be.


The problem is, none of those hairstyles would look right on the natural skin tones, or the natural hair colors. It’s already impossible for anything like that to come because with the customization options we just obtained, they do not meld with void aesthetic. I challenge you to put those options on a normal-toned elf with blonde hair and see how it looks. It just won’t look right.

But this thread is for void customizations, not seeking to add more to natural customizations. If they look good with the void options, then so be it.

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Not asking to add anything. Those options are already there. All customization options have to seamlessly work with each other, or else it becomes a mess. So new void options still have to work for non void options, and vice versa. That is the state of void elves since they forced high elves into the race.

The hairstyles?

They work fine… Luoren even made them with no tentacle toggle in mind.

I assure you they’ll be fine.

This is the oddest non-issue I’ve yet seen someone claim about any of this.


Do you really think that? They absolutely are only made for one visual theme in mind. But I will say it again, void elves share two, and both need to have their options work with each other. These styles do not look fine. They would never fit with any of the natural tones for hair or skin.

no, that’s not how any of this works.

high elf options are simply the side character that had one minute of screen time.

They don’t need to work with each other.