Void Elf Customization Thread (For The Void Aspect)

I think some of them did. Like there’s no way that a belf/helf would have an edgy last name like Dusk/Onyxraven which is a couple of velf NPCs last name.

Lol, I’m curious now :laughing:

I don’t think any of my elves have lore-friendly first names, but I had thought of a last name. I originally was thinking “Darkstrider” but that feels too predictable. I joined a guild with that name and then I was like yeah definitely way too generic, LMAO :confounded:

In the end, I gave up coming up with something because I don’t really RP and also it made me think what relationship would they all have to each other? Brothers? Lovers? Friends? I couldn’t decide so I haven’t come up with any rp background for them since :laughing:


This characters last name was originally Morningstar as a Blood Elf, they were essentially the Blackfyres to House Morningtide/Targaryens, being distant cousins and something of a cadet house, while Selesnya was a Morningtide and heiress to the House, making them cousins.

Hypheria was eventually legitimized as a Morningtide, though for political reasons she affiliated with the ren’dorei and took the surname of Evenstar, a nod to her original surname as a Blood Elf.

Hypheria was also named after her ancestor, Hyperion Morningstar a Highborne noble who changed his name and founded House Morningstar while his brother Oberyn maintained House Morningtide through his line. Their mother, Athenya Morningtide was a Highborne Princess and progenitor to House Morningtide as a noble Highborne House.

The Evenstar house/family idea is something of a WIP, but thats about what I have for the idea at the moment.

I also use the Morningtide surname on a couple of my Night Elves, both Highborne, as the House itself stems back to the Kaldorei Empire.

I may, or may not have slipped a few edits in there :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :hugs:


The name is based on your character’s personality, achievements, heritage, purpose or goals. Just pick one of those and build the name around it.

I’ve got a void elf death knight I’m planning to level up.
At the time I was reading through a pdf collection of Lovecraft.
So I was keeping myself open to any names or words that popped up that I liked.
Ended up making him a death knight since it was the class that seemed to be fit a Lovecraft theme the best…plus I enjoy playing them. (I’d already made a shadow priest). I really wish there was an option for a spell casting void knight, I’d probably change him into that instead.

Anyway, I ended up going with Thalarion for his name as I felt it was fairly elven sounding and it was similar to other names I’ve got.

Grabbing it from the wiki as it’s been a while…
“Thalarion is a coastal city in the Dreamlands of Earth also known as the City of a Thousand Wonders.”

There were a few other names that jumped out at me that’d work great too. I remember some being more female sounding to me.

For my shadow priest, I went with some Na’vi words that meant black soul, Vitralayon.


I suspect this is true, but I don’t technically have proof. lol

But Yeah.

Morning and what trees are made of.

Then later to Mourning and what trees are made of.

Again. I want to stress it was a joke name and nothing more.

Far as First Names I often have different names for my toons than what their character names are because WoW can be rudely limiting without Last Name options. Only one person being able to have a name is a silly way to go in 2021.

Darkstrider was ironically one of the names I considered too!

Ah thats the part I like doing.

Trying to decide if a toon is linked to me others or why they’re involved.

Very nice!

I like when folk link the houses back to the Highborne and Night Elves in the distant past. Makes these sorts of houses feel ancient as one would expect.

Kyuu Brightsun is my blood elf and hes actually related to my Night Elf family line of Softpaw.

The progenitor of house Brightsun was one of the brothers of the progenitor of house Softpaw.

They’re always works in progress with how Blizzard sometimes changes some things here and there.

All of mine get edited all the time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice.

According to Blizzard there may be some hope of that… Which surprised me but hey, if I get Void Knights that way I guess I wont complain. Not my ideal though. Scared of what it will do to Paladin Lore. Though then again… It may do nothing at all.

Oh I like that name.

Oh man. I like that name too. Very nice!


I made a new version of the Customization Thread in General Discussion.

Hopefully people are too busy during the holidays to troll.


Wonderful Thank you Drede for that.

The more we can get information out that players are not done with customizations the better. Blizzard will hear us.


Yeah, I’d much rather see a whole new class based around a heavy armored spell casting knight using the void, but I’m all for a void wielding paladin as well.
I fully think a lot of great options could be made using the class skin idea. The mockups Simaia and Lost Codex did were fantastic.

I really don’t see any reason it’d hurt the paladin lore either. Plenty of room for expanding it.
Having a branch of shadowpriests picking up weapons and wearing armor isn’t all that far fetched and with the way we’ve seen the light behaving, it’s a very smart move to be prepared.

I’d named a lightforged paladin Atan, which was the Na’vi word for Light.
Then I’d used it again adding Rez in front of it for a Zandalari paladin. I just wish I could have an apostrophe so it’d be Rez’atan. I think it’s dumb we don’t have spaces, hyphens, or apostrophes. That really needs to change, and maybe lengthen how long a name can be by a wee bit. Doing that and the addition of the space means people could have first and last names, and that’d really help when trying to come up with a name.


Lmao, no way. I actually have a character with a similar name, but it’s not a joke name. It’s his actual in-game name >_>
I’ve gotten lots of compliments and /giggles from it so it’s been worth having such a silly name.

I’m sure 90% of velf players did. Also yeah we need last names. I remember being amazed when I tried out ESO because they could have last names. I had to remake my first character on there because I did First name/last name merged with no space.

I’m too indecisive, so it’s hard for me. The only thing RP-wise I have for my characters like a general feel for what kind of person they’d be, but nothing very specific.

How do you RP people go about that? Do y’all have word docs full of details about your toons? Or is it all in those RP addons? :thinking:

Hey! I really like how creative you are with names. I usually just go with something related to music, anime, or a variation of my real name :laughing:


Whoops, I gave you the PTR one by mistake and forgot to publish the general discussion one…

Holidays are stressful.

I edited the link.

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I don’t like the idea of light wielding void Elf paladins but Void wielding ones?

That aren’t really paladins but our Riftblades with voidy powers? That I can get behind.

A new class would be neat, though I’d also want lore for other races to gain access as well of course.

I find this acceptable. Lol

I agree, there isn’t a great reason that couldn’t happen.

First; cool names!

Second; I agree but would go a tad farther.

Let us have a little more space, and things like ’ - and such.

Then add an OPTIONAL last name slot, where you only need to pay a modest in game sum to change. (first name will still be a name change token)

Gives us a ton more variability and the option to be just “Dave” with a different last name to everyone else.

LOL nice!

Now I know it’s blocked by Blizzard here I’m a lot less sure I should even joke about it.

Still fun to joke among friends though.

And honestly the innuendo aside it is a good Elvish name.

With one action Blizzard could let us all actually have names and fix that long standing annoyance.

For the vast majority of mine that’s all I have too. (at first)

I then feel them out as I level them. It’s also why I don’t use level tokens anymore.

Usually with a mod like TRP. Let’s you fill in general stuff and back story.

Been a long time since I used any of that though.

I do use word documents to keep story beats around and traits and who my toons know and their general beliefs.

I find how one keeps things for that varies greatly person by person.

Noted: I was wondering. :stuck_out_tongue: will update it shortly.


Keep the dream alive guys/girls/non-binary friends.


Always my friend.

Been thinking on what to post about.

Few things I’ve wandered by on Twitter but I’ve been holding off posting anything with the recent issues with blizzard.

I’ll get round to posting some about it this week.


They’re fixing male nelf faces by adding 3 new similar ones w/o the scowl. I think there’s hope for us, or at least for other races receiving a bit more customization :smiley:


I think you’ve got a good chance. I’ll post here on my new void elf once she appears in my characters list. But I am super happy to hear that male night elves finally get those three faces without the scowl just like Fenn suggested. The best of both worlds.


Void skintones Blizzard pls <3 I also simp for N’zoth daddy eyes folks have made via fan art.


I’ll hold my breath for now. Thats a nice thing to see coming up though.

I am so happy that they went with the suggestion I put forward. I doubt mine was actually where they decided from of course but its nice to see how I thought it should be done come to fruition.

And Starcursed Hair. That design Turokan did is amazing.


Saw some folk talking about the black hair color void Elf NPCs have had since we launched but hasn’t yet been added to us.

This one.

It used to be broken but in 9.1.5 they (I think inadvertently) fixed the broken tentacle texture.

Maybe blizzard will unlock it in 9.2 for us along with night elf faces. I doubt it personally but it would be nice to have it.


Happen to know what shade of Black that is?

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I don’t. If Nico is still around he might know.

It’s darker than what we currently have. More in line with the other void Elf hair textures.

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