Void Elf Customization Thread (Ascension of the Ren'dorei)

I already did! T_T

N’zoth escaping should have been the lead up to an Old God/Black Empire expansion. Missed opportunities.


*Pats Shoulder *

Would have been a great time for another “Azeroth Rework” Xpac.

And Azshara should have been the final boss of BFA and there should have been a full war with the Naga.


Appreciate that more than you might think. These unwritten restrictions on threads are frustrating not to mention the occasional picture just stops working and I have to find another way to post it to trick the system back into using the preview.

That would have been amazing.

They built up the Old Gods, especially N’zoth, and their Black Empire for years only to waste it on a single patch cycle. They could have moved that story out so much father and longer and still done so much.

Bah. Whats done is done I guess though.


Holy **** thats a lot of cusomization things, I’m glad they are more void themed rather than blood elf themed stuff. Tbh it looks like Blood elves might go more towards sun / holy light / lightforged as the void elves take more to the moon and void / darkness.

Salty that the void elves have an actual beard and i can’t have one as a blood elf.

lol yeah, I had a lot of hopes for Telogrus Rift. I genuinely thought they were gonna expand on it and open up new areas over time. Would’ve been great.

Now I just hope void elves get more lore before 11.0

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One simple way would be to combine the Tentacled/Non-Tentacled Haircuts into one picture or Male and Female if that’s not possible.

They could have redone each zone to be stand alone question experiences and had a main faction quest for leveling and guiding you through them. With the max levels phasing into N’zoth’s dream world as the Black Empire phases into our reality.

Void Elves and Forsaken would have been the main players.

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Been looking into that actually. My attempts so far have not been… Acceptable for me. Lol

Much would have been possible with such. I do expect it would have been a prefect time to revamp the world and I would expect phasing to be heavily used though I think the Mini Visions of N’zoth system should have been used to be that final phase for max players. Pushing off the Black Empire from those revamped zones.

This would have allowed them to leave zones in a state of “peace” and repair rather than Cata’s constant state of… Well… Cataclysm.

While I agree those two would step up for sure, I think the Worgen and Mag’har would be good there too.

I also would want each race normally found in their respective regions to be focused on.

Heck I get the LFD would get quite a lot done too now I think on it.


I swear I’m still alive. I got sick but had a long post idea I was gonna bring up… Just don’t have energy to write it right now.


How do you feel about Void Elves confirmed to be getting paladins eventually with the class restrictions being lifted.

About as likely as dance studio becoming a thing.

Responding to me on both threads is a nice touch. You’re really bothered by this, huh? You know Void Elf paladins are one of the most requested race class combos, yeah? That and night elf paladins. I can’t see a world where they are doing this and not give us the most requested combos. Would be downright silly. Pretty sure they whole reason they are doing this is for those requested combos to come down the line.

hoo boy. imagine waiting 25+ years to play a blood elf paladin

cant decide between my main for next expansion. feral/resto night elf druid or prot blood elf paladin


Considering tanks are gross… :stuck_out_tongue:

flails into thread just discovered

More eldritch goodness! More tentacles MORE VOID PLZ!


Considering what was done with the Kul Tiran Druids I’d love A VE Druid if they did it justice, so many monstrous critters to turn into.


I. Will. Fight. You.


That’s a new one, you gonna come up with a new falsehood now?

There is only one minority that is asking that and that is 100% not paladin fans…

I would be happy to see Void Elf Druids as well along with Paladins.

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Bring it. Just remember, every weapon is a hunter weapon.