Void Elf Customization Thread (Ascension of the Ren'dorei)

By asking for VE to get natural options to high elf wash them you are. You are asking for the Void aspect to not effect them at all ignoring part of void magic lore that the Void is a very curruptive magic, as well as some of you wanting the void to be less potent or equally as potent as the arcane.

You guys are also hurting the race you do want also; by asking them to take over the race that uses void magic and basically remade by said magic. The factionnof high elves that is in alliance atbhours the blood elves mana vampirism, which is why they left, the void is essentially even worse then the mana vampirism in that it seeks to consume all, something I am sure they would dispise even more.

Wow the art for this thread is incredible. I’d love to see Entropic Embrace have the option to become more void like, similar to Shadow Priest Voidform. More void tentacles or maybe the eyes of nzoth float around you. Just more Void.

I’ve been an advocate for Void Elven Paladins and Void Druids for them for awhile. But it would take redefining Paladin to a warrior of faith instead of a Holy Light Filled Warrior. Which would open up any of the Pantheon of Powers to have a Paladin fueled by their magics. As for Void Druids, I think tapping into the Drust and Rift of Aln to become the Protectors of the Nightmare and prevent it from spreading. As well as understanding its power and using it.


Good thing they won’t do that to paladins, they are very much defined as being all about holy magic. What they should do though is make battle-mages or in your case void knights (although DK’s fills that niche nicely.)

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It has been collated from many wonderful artists and designers.

I’m grateful to every one of them for their work.

All very good things in my book.

While I’m personally not an advocate for either class for void elves I do agree that if they were to do paladins they’d need to change the very nature of paladins in wow…

I’m very not interested in that myself. But I also wouldn’t be really upset either.

Druids I think need to be done with the concept of protecting nature and keeping balance. Pulling from the Rift of aln or nightmare is fine as long as the void druids are helping to secure contain protect it and the rest of the natural world from it.

I’d be for it in the end and as I often say on my Druid Fezzy…

I’d volunteer to train them.

A new warrior spec could be fun.

I disagree about dks filling that role myself but whatever helps someone to RP is good in my book.


Void Elves should not get Paladin.


That’s the real issue, without creating a whole new class to facilitate other magics into WoW classes we are kinda stuck at the mercy of waiting. I don’t even think renaming would be overly necessary if they just referred to traditional paladins as Holy Paladins or Light Paladins. Which would then allow for things like Fel or Void Paladins. I just think the void is a very interesting juxtaposition to the traditionalist Light that we have known since WC2.

Blood Knights were so cool to me in TBC as they were not the traditional Light, they were able to siphon the powers from a Naaru to gain the abilities. I think the Ren’dorei could do the same, capture a Dark Naaru or Void Lord and siphon its energies to mimic the abilities of Light Paladins. Then it would just be a simple re-color of the spell effects to purple and shadow. Then we get Void Knights or Rift Knights.


DKs fulfill the role of Death magic and Undeath, the opposite of Nature. Whereas Void Knights would be using Shadow and Void magic, the opposite of the Light.


See that’s exactly what I had in mind. You see other druids and people’s become corrupted for tainted by the void. But Void Elves have been specifically trained to resist and silence the Void. So they would be the perfect stewards of the Nightmare to keep it from spreading further into the dream and corrupting traditional druids during their slumbering in the dream. You’d have these Drust style druids guarding the Rift of Aln and protecting nature from nightmare twisting and perverting the natural world and the dream. They just so happen to be able to tap into its power because of their own Void energies and are able to harness its power to mimic the traditional druidic abilities.


Thing is though, most of what a void knight would be is already filled by what death knights can do. They also fill the role of “dark knight” pretty well without having to add a void knight class.

As for paladins being redefined to fill the role I disagree, unlike most classes paladins lore and who they are is very detailed, on how they function, what their belief system is, and the mentality required to be a paladin. Also the way the light works vs other schools of magic Is different.

Kinda went over this in the other thread, but if I were going to choose I’d rather actually see things like Void powers on a more melee class brought forth through glyphs.

Give us a set of glyphs for every power that changes its look somewhat to be some other power set.

Warriors for example could have Void, fire, ice, arcane to make them into more spell blade type setups without adding new specs or changing much in the way of lore. Effectively allowing us to make say, a Riftblade Void Elf warrior. (something that we see in the Rift and during the Visions.)

They don’t need to explain them any more so than they need to generally explain customizations and it would allow for a far greater range or RP options and choice for our characters as well as making Inscription have part of its purpose back.

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I haven’t done anything for this thread in a few days.

It’s the rune of corruption. I thought it fit nicely.



Eh… I disagree. Because if it was a plate caster we’d see, hopefully 3 completely different specializations.

Ranged DPS

For the Ranged DPS I’d like a full plate caster that’s in the similar playstyle of the Demonology Warlock, summoning void creatures to attack their enemies and using void energies to destroy their foes.

The tank would go back to a traditional role of melee but it uses its armor as a conduit to the void with etchings on the armor. Activating the etchings would empower the character with different void rituals and shadowy mutations.

Then the healer would be a bit like a disc priest / resto druid. Calling forth creatures similar to Orgozoa where you bind them to friendlies to act as a living void shield to deflect damage and siphon life essence from the foes attacking. Then using void rituals and etchings to open void portals to pour shadow energy and heal allies over time.

This to me feels very uniquely void and aberration themed to really give that feel to a class that uses only the void. It’s also much different than the classes we currently have, and we’re getting the uniqueness of a plate caster.


I posted my idea of a Void Knight above. Let me know how you feel about that style.


Not bad.

It would be entirely novel for Warcraft as far as classes go. Where do you see them drawing historically from? Do you see anyone in game currently as a good candidate?

Some of it is acutally kinda close to some of the class options I’ve come up with for Bard and Necromancer. So I’m fairly on board. lol

I do feel like Blizzard is missing a Void specific class or at least one that leans heavily into it regardless.

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shadow priest pretty much doubles down on the void theme

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No doubt but its the only one.

I do agree with Telar there some form of a melee setup for the void would be nice to see someday.

Be it just some glyphs for like Warrior or something or a new class.


I’ll have to get back to you on a lot of this. But we’ve seen very interesting powers granted by the Void Lords and the Old Gods.

As far as the etchings style for the tank I was drawing from the Black Empire writing we saw during the invasions. Then the empowered NPCs near obelisks that gained enhanced strength through the void. We also saw Garrosh’s transformation the more void twisted he became from Y’ssarj. Definitely an inspiration to the etchings on the armor empowering the class to transform their limbs etc into more void twisted aberrant appendages.

The healer aspect I was pulling a lot of inspiration from the Eggsac trinket from Orgozoa that granted a void shield to targets on your heals and you had a small aberration granting you the absorb shield. I think a mixture of using the void eyes, mindbenders/shadowfiends, and other aberrations to facilitate the healing with a mixture of the spell effects of Shadowmend and other shadow effects to show off their healing.

Then we get to the Ranged plate spellcasting which would definitely pull a bit from Shadowpriests as the mindbender and shadowfiends are something very void oriented that are called and sent after enemies. We also see things like Void Wraiths that could be called to empower the caster. Definitely something I’d need to flesh out more, however we see lots of void summoners who the class could pull inspiration from.

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Your not asking for a knight class if you need ranged dps lol.

Historically knights were well versed in archery generally speaking.