Void Elf Customization Thread (Ascension of the Ren'dorei)

Blood Elves are now drawing from a holy source.

You of all people have no right to make that kind of judgement.

50 holy / 50 arcane

Or, maybe they’re void beings and there’s a lot of funky stuff going on with that, and people have different tastes than you do and feel that leaning into the weird and uncanny is a good thing for that race and there’s a variety of options both subtle and overt that can convey that feeling.

More of a slur really. Seriously, unless you could be categorized as one and are doing the reclaiming thing, probably best to let this drop.


I suppose, I was just asking if it was because I thought VE could work with the look.

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Its pretty apparent period but do explain what you’re talking about.

There was a ton of other ways to go about complimenting or commenting on the image.

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Yeah, the term’s not really an acceptable one really. Could always go with a bit punkish, or cyberpunkish since it’s got some Judy vibes to it.


I mean if making yourself look like a hideous monster equates interesting then I guess we just don’t have the same views on what’s interesting lol.

I do like the black eyes and tattoos at least, but a good 80% of those images do not scream the void or elf to me at all, more just something yucky you’d find among some gnomes failed lab experiments.

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But it’s not really a punkish look, not even cyberpunkish.

We’ve got tons of pretty elves as it is. What’s wrong with giving the people who want something outsider-ish or monstrous some love?


Nothing wrong with it, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be pretty either.

But turning into octopuses or teeth growing out of our eyes and arms is hardly something I’d consider interesting is all.

To each their own


Well Blood Elves are High Elves so the visual theme that doesn’t involve what you describe is available.

On VEs some more void unique options are what should be done, my personal fav is the Azshara or Nzoth eye combo


shaved sides, longer top and back and brightly colored not punk?


Not really, it is a bit more masculine though

More goth, which the word normally goes with, though a more mascaline portion of it.

Regardless of other non problematic word usage involved (seeing as it seems to be disputed on the punk theme? Idk much about that aesthetic tbh to argue particulars) one could have just said “that’s cool I think it really works on VEs” or something too.


Was trying to give some constructive alternatives there.


Understandable. You do play the faction composed mainly of humans of varying heights.

Also, imo, but everything pink it’s just ugly.

It’s not constructive to have to speak around something, I’d rather be direct.

:sob: :sob: :sob:

My whole world is enveloped by pink and black and pink with black and black with pink and so on on and so on. Haha. :yum: :yum: :yum:


To me it will always be:

Purple >>>>>>>>>Pink.

That makes me sad because I always hated purple growing up, the only color I hated more was green, I’m a bit better now of days depending on the shade of purple or green but they still wouldn’t ever rank in my favorites.

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