Void Elf Customization Thread (Ascension of the Ren'dorei)

This is what I hope for.

I do not begrudge my high elf brethren but I’d really like to just get some void stuff…

I’m also eternally happy for my blood elf brethren to get their own things!

It helps me little too throw a fit on another person’s good fortune.


Absolutely :dracthyr_heart:

Void Elves and Blood Elves are different, and these differences should be celebrated with fun things to play with. I’m just already very :newspaper_roll: ready for all the weirdos who are inevitably going to try to stir the pot over this - though I expect many of them are trolls. See a post a few paces above.


Ive kind of given up hope for anything.
Maybe in 2026 we will see 2 new hair cuts come our way haha


The timing on this with Man’ari makes me think Felblood are the most likely thing to be coming.

Aren’t Void Elves still in 3erd/3th place for lease amount of options?

Dark Iron/Vulpera/Kul’Tiran/Void Elves/Worgen should def be next in line.


I feel like man’ari were inevitable just from how the war for Argus was won. It’s a safe assumption to point at the end of Legion, and the unlocking of the warlock class, for how we got to getting man’ari skins. Blood Elves haven’t done anything with Fel for a long time, and their story has been leaning more heavily into purification, healing, and restoration.

If I was putting money down on speculation, there is going to be a quest where the sin’dorei begin actively cleaning up the rest of the Scourge in ernest. This has already been an ongoing effort, but players have never seen or taken part in it. The cosmetic rewards being some kind of light (Sunwell) themed doodads or tats.

There just isn’t enough going on right now to make me think there will be Fel or San’layn customization, as others have hoped for.

As for who has the least, honestly was speaking on how void elves have the least void options. We haven’t got a single update with void since the race went live. Forsaken actually have a pitiful amount of customization, the lowest out of all main races and even outpaced by some allied races.

We’re hurting all around.

Edit: four hair colors…


Yep. Confirmed.


Those better be the most bomb colors ever to justify their slot on the roadmap.

Huh. Hair colors would not have been my first pick for things blood elves could use.

Maybe there will be more to it than that (I’m personally hoping for some dark ranger stuff)?

Regardless, it’s always nice to get new customizations.




Two of them look really similar to the DK blue colors. At least the pink and green are completely new.


Edit: Actually no they’re fine

Might be sort of cute. And I know at least one person will be all about that pink.

I’m just a little let down that they’re not what I personally wanted.

Those are genuinely terrible, and blizzard should be ashamed about posting those. On top of everything, the hair texture is still very dull.

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I like the blue color but the others are bland, they look like DK colors.

Well there we have it.

No chance those don’t go to Void Elves as well.

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Blood elves can keep them…


They already gave those colors to Orcs and Humans so they are giving them to every races. Slowly.


I’m offended on their behalf. There’s no warm tone at all. They’re just flat… like out of 2011 flat.


The pics :slight_smile:


Nothing says blood elf like green hair XD


Green hair is good for the dark ranger skin :ok_hand: