Void Elf Customization Thread (Ascension of the Ren'dorei)

Yet… they literally have high elf and darkfallen cosmetics available. Seems it’s Alliance Elf Race to me

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If only if there was more of it than what we got now.

Voidberg would be fun to play.

Or even…

Voidmummy… not the best name…


There’s a name for this already. Ethereal.

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Some wrappings to go with Starcursed options could definitely be a tasteful addition to help signify a path of studying the Void.

It would be a great nod towards both Solarian who became a Void being herself, as well as the Ethereals originally intended fate for the Ren’dorei, which was to make them into energy beings.


Another AR thread today.

Support if you like Drakonids!

Hi there! Just posted some Lynx mount concepts and I’m hoping that you, my fellow Thalassian friends, are going to like it :slight_smile: I made a version for Blood, Void & High Elves!
There is also a Starcursed Void Wyrm in the reply.



It’s beautiful, I love it ! :heart_eyes:

The “dark ranger” lynx is missing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Glorious! Amazing! I will get them up in the mount section a little later today.

Many people have been requesting a lynx mount for literally every kind of elf but I’ve seen so many for void elves.

Thank you for making this my friend!

EDIT: Both pictures now added to the main post.

Old Gods they’re amazing!

Honestly… that would be badass…

Edit: a Blood Knight option too…



Barbershop will be free with Dragonflight which is a really nice change.


Oh snap

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Eh. Barbarshop costs was barely noticable though. So it is a relatively minor change.


Clearly you don’t barbershop as often as I do. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree though a much better change would be making transmog free. (Though they’d have to change the Void Elf racial a tad.) That would make things much nicer I think on the whole.


If they gave us Dracthyr Style of Customization Options would be nice to see.


While the way Ion said it is a sort of… take it with a grain of salt… or I’ll believe it when I see it sort of deal…

In theory they will in an expansion or two update all races to the level of customization of the Dracthyr.

Thats going off them saying that the Dracthyr’s huge allotment of customization is like the Pandaren getting an updated model before everyone else, and then everyone else getting updated in WoD.

By that metric Dracthyr get to be happy with the bells and whistles through DF and everyone else will be updated with the expansion that comes next.

So heres hoping for everyone honestly. Velves will likely get some really great stuff if they’re going that far with customization. Can’t wait to see new tentacles options, more hair, faces, warpaint/tattoos, starcursed and ombre hair. voidy growths maybe?

Plenty they can do.


Took a bit to figure what’s all going on but theres some fair reason to think every race may be getting primalist eyes.

Very interesting.

Still npc only but does show qualities of being unlocks maybe?


I checked every race in the beta dressing room. All but Lightforged have the options when NPC options are enabled, but that may just be because the dressing room has no eye color selection option for them.

The options could actually be there if Wowhead added an eye color option for Lightforged. The regular Draenei have them, so I can’t see any technical reason why Lightforged wouldn’t.

If these options become unlockable for players via an achievement or something, then I could see some uses for them for the Void theme.


I agree. Its a nice effect. Not quite what I was hoping to see in the near future but still very nice.

I wonder how we’ll unlock it if thats actually what it is?

I do like the idea that Blizzard would allow specific power types be unlocked (Assuming its account wide) for doing something. Still I hope most of the new customizations in the future are just unlocked by default.

Is it just the four or five I’ve been seeing around or are their more?

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Just four. Primalist - Earth, Primalist - Fire, Primalist - Air, and Primalist - Water. The fact that they are actually named as I posted gives me the impression that they may eventually be usable by players.

The air and water seem the most usable for void themes IMO. The earth and fire kind of clash. The fire one is more red sclera yellow pupils than an all red or all orange color.

But if we ever do see Void Elf Paladins and also have these eye options, I can imagine we’ll see a small army of them with High Elf customization and using the earth eyes since they are very “light-esque”

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That does sound like something. When I first heard about it earlier this morning it was just a “velves getting gold eyes” with no source. When I finally figured out what was actually being referred too, it was pretty interesting. Elemental eyes for all races.

The names on it and that they have those numbers associated with them that tend to appear on player characters really seem like good indicators that something will be done with them for players.

Don’t suppose you have easily accessible pictures of those two? Suppose I could just go look at the wowviewer myself now I think on it…

Thats probably likely. What one rps their toon as and the customization option as is their business though so more power to em.