Browsing through these forums the past few days I’ve observed a few things.

  1. Nobody seems to be listening.
  2. Developers/moderators seem to be not interested and don’t respond when it seems necessary.
  3. Things have gotten quite toxic especially where pvp is concerned.
  4. Several posters are not checking their emotions and rather bicker than be constructive. Resulting in more distance.

All this makes me want to leave the forums and just assume my voice does not count. I’m anxious enough being on lock-down 24/7. I don’t need this. I need to find a community that is more constructive and listens.


For god’s sake, don’t ask for devs to actually listen to the people here. Why? I’ll let Kay from MIB answer for me:

[Kay ]: A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it. Fifteen hundred years ago everybody knew the Earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, everybody knew the Earth was flat, and fifteen minutes ago, you knew that humans were alone on this planet. Imagine what you’ll know tomorrow.

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guess just stop complaining and go to retail

seriously its everything you crazy people want yet youre here


I’ll listen to you, OP. I believe Blizzard is too to a degree, they just don’t jump to respond for the reasons you’ve stated.

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Take care, buddy.


Thank you, You are one of the few.

I don’t know what you’re expecting from Blizzard with a game that was finished 15 years ago. You expect them to change this game? They have with every expansion pack…

I’m surprised they have fixed some bugs and patched some exploits to be honest…


thing i s , most posters are looking for changes
changes that are not gonna happen for you cannot change history

so they get salty

its classic , there wont be any balance changes nor anything it will be as it was during vanilla

The forums were always emo. Actually it might be better than it used to. I’ve seen the typical “i’m leaving wow” post but I remember when they were accompanied by videos featuring Linkin Park

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Sadly we can blame the #nochanges crowd for this.

Blizzard tried to have an open discussion about classic early on but the #nochanges crowd just started ranting about #nochanges.

theres a version of the game with all the changes you all want
you should… oh wait you are on it already.

yes we won i guess.

Sadly you didn’t, because blizzard went ahead and made changes anyways, only they didn’t try to get player feedback.

The forums are not the place to be if

  • You think you’re special and deserve a response
  • You are easily perturbed by incessant whining
  • You feel significant anxiety, depression or the need to do harm to yourself or others

Developers aren’t interested, because they view their solutions as superior to anything else the players suggest. The largest difference is that players just want to have fun, whereas developers are told to keep people logged in with stupid time gates, layers of RNG or other gimmicks.

Classic has saved Blizzard from the disaster that is BfA.

PVP is and always has been a side attraction at WoW. Even in Classic, TBC, or WotLK the issues always existed as they do today. Classes aren’t balanced, they don’t penalize cheating (see above about rescuing BfA), and people are way focused on the rewards instead of the journey.

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The changes Blizzard have made have been minimal. The spirit of Vanilla still lives on.

The changes some people want would diminish that spirit to the point of retail…

Well, they do listen to player complaints and feedback - things deemed “exploits” and “unfair gameplay”

You just have to have picked the red character background at creation screen.

PvP changes have absolutely occurred - all in favor of one faction. Features that 100% existed in Vanilla.

Naturally it makes business sense, there are more people who play Horde, especially in the areas where the changes were concerned. Furthermore - making things easier on the “dominant” faction makes reaching out to that faction (which has a stranglehold on retail) - much much easier.

That doesn’t make it any more fun for the faction who has an effective 0% win rate in a particular battleground - and it certainly doesn’t make the queues for the other faction any shorter.

That doesn’t touch on Devilsaurs, Layering, approximate server size etc.

This game is an rough approximation of Vanilla, where everything is drastically easier than it was 15 years ago due to changes, knowledge, and min/max culture.

This game is not difficult. It’s arguably more casual friendly than Retail. Every time you log in - you can make meaningful progression on something. Content is in absolutely no way challenging.

Man, you really need to get over the AV premade exploit fix.

And, there you have it.

to be fair, the forums here in general, as well as the forums in retail, are pretty toxic over all. And you nailed it all in one post. It’s more of perspective to say the least, of how THEY want things to go from the toxic player base.