Voice wont be heard

Using my dollars instead. Blizzard you officially suck


I want to at least finish ICC with my guild, and if there is no support for fresh Vanilla from blizzard, then my sub will be gone as well. Hopefully there are enough of us in a similar boat that blizzard will notice and throw us a bone.

Classic fresh when?

No, the problem is that they do indeed listen to the Community.

Thats why Classic is in such a weird spot now. The “expansions” shouldve never been re-released and changes like the Chronoboon shouldve never been brought into Era. The Community asked for this.

The Community WANTS bad games.

To this day, after almost two decades, the Community still doesnt understand how flying RUINED this game or how paladins on the horde/shamans on the alliance harmed faction identity. The Community still doesnt understand why its bad for both factions to be placed in neutral cities or why Open World PvP in any form is healthy for a server.

Listening to this Community is the worst thing Blizzard could do when it comes to Classic. Outrage culture crybullies still try their best to damage the game even now. Just read the forum.