Vis'kag the Bloodletter: Fatal Wound... bugged?


I have been farming Frostsabers in Winterspring and have noticed that the proc on Vis’kag is only hitting for 149 when the tooltip says it’s supposed to hit for 240. I don’t think the armor of these mobs could account for a 100hp difference, but even so, I tested it after using a 5 point expose armor which reduced their armor by 1700 and still the Fatal Wound proc only hit for 184… Can anyone else confirm that this is happening for them? Can a Frostsaber’s armor -1700 really mitigate 54 damage? this seems wrong to me.


I have notice ALL wound afflicting Weapon procs are off and have such an awful proc chance %.


Found some data on the Frostsaber Pride Watcher mob which indicates that its armor mitigation is 41.5% which would account for the 99 damage reduction that I observed on the proc. This does not appear to be bugged, it just appears to be heavily mitigated by armor, which is disappointing but understandable. Please disregard my OP; I’ve answered my own question.


The depth of the game got you today. Armor prevents fatal wounds ha