Vision of Perfection


So not only did I make a bug report on the PTR, but I will also post one here. Previous iterations of the PTR had the essence “Vision of Perfection” procing the BM Hunter ability Aspect of the Wild, which (when traited with Primal Instincts) gave it the additive mastery bonus per trait for a few seconds. In the current iteration of PTR we have “Vision of Perfection” procing Aspect of the Wild WITHOUT the mastery bonus from Primal Instincts. This seems like a fairly large bug considering the fact that with my Paladin I have the trait Avenger’s Might. I can even stack multiple Avenger’s Mights for an additive bonus. With “Vision of Perfection” procing I STILL get the mastery bonus with the trait. Both of these traits do the same thing; both give mastery upon using their respective abilities. Either this is a glaring issue taking it away from BM Hunter and letting it remain on Paladin, or this is a major error in the current PTR coding. Given how the traits line up with both of these respective classes from a DPS stand point this seems like an oversight. Avenger’s Might is one of Ret Paladins BIS traits and they stack it, but Primal Instincts is BM Hunters’ actual BIS trait. It takes Aspect of the Wild from a mediocre cooldown to a major one, and without the mastery procing alongside Aspect, the essence is practically useless.

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