Vision of Perfection

(Kaivax) #1

Thank you for all of the feedback on Vision of Perfection—it’s an idea we’re also very excited about. As always, the first iteration of new abilities on a PTR have tuning that is somewhat preliminary. That’s especially true for this ability, due to the complexity of the effect and the large number of interactions it has. Our goal is to make it an interesting choice among the other available Essences, while preserving the concept of it. For this and the other Essences, there will be ongoing tuning updates in the coming weeks.

On the specific issue of interactions between Vision of Perfection and other effects that trigger from or buff your cooldowns: part of what makes this Essence exciting is the opportunity to explore things like that. At the same time, if they occur at full value every time Vision procs, that may be far too much.

Our initial plan is that, as a standard approach, the added effects or bonuses should be reduced in value, in the same way that the cooldown itself is reduced in duration. For example, if Recklessness is proccing at 40% effectiveness, Reckless Abandon should also provide 40% of its normal Rage value. There are some cases where this doesn’t work because there’s no way to “scale down” an effect—Summon Infernal will either stun or not stun when it lands. We’ll have to handle those cases individually.

You’ll see adjustments to this (and likely some other items) in a future build of the PTR.

Rise of Azshara PTR Development Notes – April 23
(Keltas) #2

Any chance you might change what cooldowns it affects on some classes, rather than how much it affects them?


Any idea how these essences are going to function in PVP? a flat 50% reduction like most things…

(Metrohaha) #4

Very cool idea. Protection warrior version needs to be changed though. Can not be avatar even with a reduced trait value. Prot warrior damage is already way too high and this is going to make it even better despite apparent interest in nerfing avatar and thunderclap window.

Im sure its being looked at as its still super early, but just wanted to make sure its clear.

It should be a defensive ability like the other tanks.

(Hpellipsis) #5

Except “cooldowns” vary in value ridiculously across the board, from Demonology’s commander thing all the way down to shadow priest’s shadowfiend.

Honestly, from a shadow perspective, essence of perfection feels a little insulting, and makes me wonder if you even understand how the spec works, unless of course you accept that no shadow priest in their right mind wants or cares about this item.


Have you considered trying Thunder Focus Tea for Mistweavers instead of Revival?
Revival is a pretty boring ability on its own, and not the strongest of the Healers major cooldowns.

By changing some numbers (since a 10s cd reduction to tft everytime it procs would be a bit insane) I think it has the potential to make MW a much more enjoyable spec, while also enabling FT to be an option in raids VS Upwelling.

Just a personnal opinion on this one, but Mistweaver seems to fill the niche of the healer with the high raw throughput, while having weak and less CDs, so I think putting TFT on this essence would reinforce this identity, which I don’t think would be a bad idea at all.


So in other words:

Expect incoming nerfs until non are really worth the effort of obtaining.


/nods head.

(Moonlilly) #8

I just want to add my take on this essence for protection warriors. I feel the essence effect can be strong at times procing 1-2 times in a row in a short span or it can be a while to proc. One solution to it is by making it proc maybe once every 30 seconds or 45 seconds, that way it doesn’t feel too overpowered when it procs a few in a row too when it takes a minute or 2 before it procs again.


There’s no way you’re going to be able to balance this trait, why even try? CDs are way to varied in their power levels, and specs are way too varied in their ability to get extra uptime on those cds on top of this trait. It’s hilariously broken on some specs and shrug on others.

(Bloodrusher) #10

If it’s avatar it’ll be reduced probably by quarter instead of half

(Varrow) #11

From the wording here I’m going to assume you’re going to go ahead and nerf Recklessness proc on this trait for Fury hah. I would make just one comment.

Even with Reckless Abandon, and even at the 50% rate and giving you 100 rage a trait like Blood of the Enemy very easily competes with it and even blows it away in a situation that would require burst AoE.

Now, that being said many of the major powers seem insanely strong so it would make sense if they were brought down across the board. I was just pointing out this particular aspect since you mention 40% in your post about Recklessness.

(Varrow) #12

I don’t know why they don’t use the RPPM system on just about every proc in the game. Situations like you just described have much more negative feeling than the positives. You can look at Unbridled Ferocity for Fury Warriors and see the same negatives.

I would also point out that RPPM still allows for streaks to occasionally occur and create excitement. Look no further than Sudden Death with DPS warriors and a great feeling proc that is controlled, but also occasionally procs very close together.

(Apprehended) #13

I wish you would comment/address Lucid Dreams restoring mana for Fire and Frost mages. That effect is pointless for those specs because we never run out of mana unless we are spamming Spellsteal for some reason.

(Bloodrusher) #14

I’ve had sudden death proc 4 times in a row once not including the rampages in between in. Some insane dps


Are you guys aware that Empowered Rune Weapon is not a dps cooldown for frost dks? ERW is an ability that simply feeds breath uptime. It’s absurd that they would make an item like this that gives frost dks like 5 runes when it procs, while it gives demon hunters 15 seconds of metamorphosis.

Like many people are saying here and in various discords, you simply cannot balance an item like this that applies to all specs in the same way due to power imbalance of major cooldowns. It honestly just feels lazy and like watered down artifact abilities.


tbh, thats kinda what i took from this as well. :frowning:


This is everything Blizzard introduces. Heavy nerfs followed by tiny incremental tune ups until it’s a pale comparison of what it used to be, and call it balanced!

(Bloodrusher) #18

I’m kinda expecting this to be 1 big mess, it settles down then they add another power and watch it get messy again lol

(Talbyy) #19

For Windwalker Monk I frequently had visions being activated off a cast of Fists of Fury , or more accurately ticks, which would cause the clones to spawn, jump to my target, and then melee attack. Since the Storm, Earth, and Fire buff was active I would lose damage as if the clones had been summoned and were copying my abilities.

Aside from that, I’d like to additionally say to that due to the nature of pooling you tend to prepare to use Storm, Earth, and Fire.

All of your cooldowns will be ready and you’ll have enough Energy/Chi for 2 Rising Sun Kick casts, Fists of Fury, and a Whirling Dragon Punch.

Typically I would find Visions would proc either as I was preparing to use my cooldowns during a Tiger Palm / Fist of The White Tiger / Touch of Death cast or sometimes after Storm, Earth, and Fire ended. The proc in this moment felt very lackluster. I just didn’t have much to use afterwards on Single Target / Training Dummy.

It’s better with Bloodlust, great on AoE, and on the times I was able to get it with Fury of Xuen (which were only a handful of times) it felt alright. So if anyone else is playing Windwalker out there I’m interested to know how you felt about it.

**With Serenity it was extremely enjoyable so hopefully we see some tuning to promote the use of both talents on the row in PvP and Heroic / Mythic content. ** :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink::wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

(Josefine) #20

For feral and probably frost DK, this might be better if it worked with our “short” CDs (tiger fury and pillar of frost) instead of the long ones. While zerk and ERW can increase damage in a roundabout way, they’re both kinda wonky to have on a proc. IE, without everything setup for fury and bloodtalons, a few seconds of zerk just means an extra shred or two. Same-ish goes for frost if they’re not ready for a Pillar’d meme breath.

As it stands, feral essentially already has an Azerite trait (Blood Mist) that does this, and it’s not considered very good there. And that’s with bonus damage to rake on top.