<Vigilant> CE Guild's WEEKEND Team Rercruiting for Mythic raiding (4/8M)

Time for the 'ol BUMP!

Need them healer for CE

Healers!! Where are you???

Still looking for healers.

Howdy! Hello! How are you?

looking for a healer, a warrior, and ranged dps!

Reach out to us! Y ou won’t regret it.

Still looking! Need reliable people that can commit to a fun. up and coming team.

Get in here

Considering most roles. Come see what we are about.

we need some rogues pls

Let’s see those apps coming in!

looking for a kicking rogue and a spectacular healer (Disc, Resto Druid/Sham)

need rogue please sign up asap

Rogue and BrM tank! A ranged swing healer, also.