Viewer’s Guide: WoW Classic Fall Conquest

Viewer’s Guide: WoW Classic Fall Conquest

Tune in beginning Saturday, October 3 at 10:00 a.m. PDT to watch the WoW Classic Fall Conquest!

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I’m just happy the fire festival is over. We won’t have to worry about any hunter pets getting that game breaking buff. Wonder if VC will be participating? We need more teams with as much integrity as they have.


Let’s goooo

Lol what’s going on in this thread? Just saw three posts get zapped.

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Blizzard, won’t the teleport/fly hacks, which you’ve been silent on and refuse to fix for months, interfere with this event?

Do you plan on fixing these hacks server-side to make this event have more integrity?

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WOW guys you get to compete for a shot at $6000!!! Split between only the top 2 teams!! That will be a whole $200 EACH!!!
How can blizzard afford such obscene rewards!!


has anyone said anything nice about blizzard i mean activision in the last few years?

Classic just got serious… With events like these classic will be the best mmo ever.