Vicious Saddle Pvp Season reward bug 8.2.5?


Wow still nothing about this.

this is a pretty serious “if” bug and im surprised blizzard hasnt said anything about this

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This has also killed my desire to pvp. I usually cap out at 1800 for rated PvP and the only thing that made it worth my while to pvp was for the mounts but now I have no urge to play


Yeah. I mean, the only explanation for this is a bug.
If they remove the possibility for you to get another mount or something like that without warning, no posts, will be so sad and disrespectful.

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some people have told me that its gone for them when they hadn’t even earned a vicious saddle this season yet


There’s a lot of us who wants to do some rated’s, but we’re all waiting on hearing from blizzard if this is a bug or if we can even earn saddles anymore. Gonna be pretty bummed if we can’t and they don’t say anything about it


I submitted a ticket yesterday. This was the reply

“I hope you are having a wonderful day! Thank you for waiting while we work tirelessly to get things back on schedule, we really appreciate the patience while we take a look at your issue!

I went ahead and checked our internal databases for the Quality Assurance team (QA), and it seems that we’ve been made aware of this issue. Below is where we are in the process of fixing it. Without reports like your’s things like this wouldn’t get fixed as fast as they do :slight_smile:

The bug was added to the system recently and we are currently compiling data from all players reporting this. Once the data is compiled we will then assign it to a QA team member and have them reproduce it. Once they have successfully reproduced it they will then pass it off to the programmers on the development team to fix. Once it’s fixed then they will roll it out to the public in a patch or hot fix in the near future.

While we wait for a fix in order to keep everyone on a level playing field we have been instructed to not go in and manually intervene in this situation as it would likely pose an unfair advantage. You can rest assured though, that this is a focus for the dev team to fix, so keep your eyes peeled on those patch notes for mention of this being fixed.”

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Blue post please? Would like to start playing again…

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at least that’s some confirmation that they’re aware of it

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I posted this to reddit and seems to be a UI bug.

Another user posted a screen shot from his ticket. Check it out at


Since Blizzard hasn’t fixed this yet, I found a way to view your progress on the “hidden” BfA Vicious Saddle achievements, which can be found at for Alliance toons, and for Horde toons. On those pages you will see a list of achievements named Vicious Saddle (N), which you need to use to find the 5 digit Achievement ID of the saddle you are currently working on. For instance, if you are working on your 3rd saddle in BfA, then you want the ID for the “Vicious Saddle (3)” achievement.

When you have that ID, you can type the following while in-game to add the associated achievement to your tracker:

/script AddTrackedAchievement(“XXXXX”)

Replace the XXXXX with the achievement ID, and you should get a tracked achievement with N/2400 progress show up. It’s not the percentage-based display that you’re used to seeing, but it’s the same data, and will update accordingly as you get wins.


Having the same issue =(


This is bananas man, i’m one mount away from collecting the vicious mounts.



The bug seems to be not just visual, I was tracking my progress with the script above and hit 2400/2400, and still did NOT receive the saddle. I am actually 30/2400 points into the next saddle’s achievement right now with no saddle.


If that’s the case, then blizzard this is a must emergency fix that needs to happen right away!


Confirmed. Was tracking my progress through this macro and when i’ve won the last arena needed , got the vicious saddle as lot, pops on screen.


I experienced the same thing you did Jezbeth. After the patch I was at 1800/2400 on the ‘Vicious Saddle (3)’ achievement, and I completed the remaining wins for it earlier this week, and did not receive the saddle upon reaching 2400/2400. I also got one additional win just to be sure, and it was tracked in the ‘Vicious Saddle (4)’ achievement progress.

Based on this, and the fact that some folks here are indicating they have received a saddle since the patch release, makes me think that it depends on which of the hidden achievements you are currently on. Clearly ‘Vicious Saddle (3)’ is broken, but others possibly aren’t. So, in short, I think it’s more than just a UI bug at play here.


I also can confirm it appears to be more than a visual bug.

Using the tracking method mentioned above, I should have just completed Vicious Saddle (2). However, I didn’t get anything.


This is the reply to my ticket:
" I understand you were having some trouble receiving a second Vicious Saddle from the seasonal PvP rewards.

I did some digging into this to see what was going on here. In this case, it does appear we’ve been getting some reports about issues with this and have confirmed it’s not working as intended. While we aren’t able to provide the saddle currently, the issue is being investigated already by the Developers.

If you haven’t done so already, please be sure to submit a bug report in-game so that the Developers can get more examples of this happening."


I submitted a ticket last week and got a similar response. Really hope we get an update soon.


Upon logging in this afternoon, it looks like the Vicious Saddle progress percentage bar has been restored in the UI.

That said, I still have not received a Vicious Saddle for the completion of my prior progress bar (e.g. the previous hidden achievement) while this was broken. In other words, it’s showing 1% for me now, but prior to 8.2.5 I was at 75% and I completed those wins while it was broken but didn’t receive a saddle in the process.

I’ll be interested to hear if others who are in the same situation receive their saddle.