Very low damage with Arcane

I am trying to figure what’s the deal with my class spec because the “burst/ramp up” damage it does is painfully weak.

5-7 Arcane Blast at 4x Orbs
7k Arcane Blast
A whopping 8k Arcane Missiles

Mind you I am in nearly fully upgraded Honor gear, 1 piece of conquest, covenant ability + food, pots, trinkets

Why is my damage so low in PvP? I haven’t had this issue with any other class in honor gear

Try equipping some higher ilvl gear!

This is as high as it gets until I get more conquest. But even still, full honor gear shouldn’t translate to damage this low.

Upgrade honor to 285.

Your armory says your gear is at upgrade level 3 out of 7, missing 13 ilvl from further upgrades. If your renown is right, make sure you get it to at least 59 and turn in the quest that lets you completely upgrade honor gear. You are missing a lot of stats with what you have.

I suppose I have no choice but to grind out renown in this case.