Venthyr, Siphon Storm Explanation

    Can someone in great detail explain the Venthyr and Siphon Storm combination? I've always been Venthyr but have always ran with Arcanic Cull and paired it with Nadia. The conduits I use are the barrage and touch of the magi ones. Basically cleave build. Not familar with the siphon storm build at all. In mythic+ i do about 8.9k overall mostly, which is good for 18+ keys. Going to start doing 19's and 20's and my dps should be pushing 10k overall which i'm not seeing. Wanting to give Siphon Storm a go. Thanks!

You basically want to leverage the CC procs from Mirrors of Torment into AP/TotM while the SS buff is up. Arcane Echo does a lot of splash damage when you are able to pump 4-5 CC AM into it.

This is what the burst combo looks like for AoE:

  1. Use Evocation as you approach a trash pack.
  2. Use MoT on an elite off-target.
  3. Use AO.
  4. Use Arcane Blast (AB) until there is 1 second left on the MoT ICD.
  5. Use AP + Barrage.
  6. Use TotM.
  7. Use AM until TotM ends.
  8. Use Barrage when TotM ends.
  9. Use AO.
  10. Use Barrage.
  11. Begin the Basic AoE Rotation.

what about soulbinds? conduits? need to know those things as well. (:

Theotar: Arcane Prodigy, Siphoned Malice, Magi’s Brand.

IQD is the preferred on-use trinket. 25% crit, 15% haste, 25% mastery, and 15% vers is a good secondary stat balance to aim for.

thank you very much.