Venthyr Endgame character template concerns

In the previous version of the Shadowlands test, we had a character template called “Venthyr Endgame” that allowed testers to create a level 60 character after choosing a Covenant. That template is no longer available, and has been replaced by a new one.

It is still possible to log into the Beta on a character that you put this template on, however, please do not do further testing with a character templated by Venthyr Endgame. If that was your only test character, please make a new character in this build.

We intend to do a complete wipe of all test characters in a forthcoming Beta update.

Thank you.


After doing the Legends unlock quest on those characters, gonna feel bad repeating that process on fresh characters. But such is testing life.

Thanks and <3

Think of it as a chance to think of where alt skips can be introduced to make life easier on your other toons.

Good thing I spent last night till early hours of the morning grinding a priest to check out the Legos. Hope they add a skip to create and test Legos easier with future builds.

That’s alpha for you, they announced they would be doing a alpha wipe when beta released at the start of alpha.

Oh I found the Runecarvataur here in Oribos, that solves my issues. :smiley:

Free teleporting into Runecarvers house and no quest chain this build. Feels good.

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