Vent thread: RSS griefers

So today I’m doing my frost mage elite set and 4th game in I match with a priest who played round 1 normally, but when it put him with me on round 2 he sat afk in the room. I then get shuffled against him the following round and he was playing again like nothing happened. Is there any hope for people like this to get punished since it’s literally hurting others? I almost feel like there should be a system that detects this kind of griefing and deploys some sort of safety net to stop it.

Also on an off-topic I was watching a pika video out of boredom the other day and noticed he outright called a dude a lobby griefer who seems to be known for his leaving antics. He gets into a match with pika, takes 2 seconds, and leaves.

With this situation and the one I experienced I’m curious if we’ll actually see some sort of punishments and clarity from blizz on what they’re doing to curb the behavior. With Solo que RBG’s releasing in 10.2 potentially i’m gonna dread leavers in that.

Aside from all the ranting I have completed basically all my goals I set out to do this season. I achieved duelist for the 2nd time to get the pretty enchant, I’ve farmed several of the elite sets I wanted, and overall outside of these tilting experiences I’m loving this season.

Well pika is a known 2s griefer…

Yeah, I’m salty about running into him so much in 2s, wanna fight about it? :joy:

Blizzard can’t even create a somewhat useful system that detects bot software or abnormal keystrokes. How are they going to create software that detects the inherent malicious intent of a player to undermine a teammate they dislike? I swear Blizzard Tech Support couldn’t tell you how to reset a router at this point.


Where do you have your next vacation planned? :cry:

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Hm, I hear fall is nice this time of year in Maine?

Blizzard isn’t gonna do anything.

They only punish people if they’re reported a certain amount of time because you hurt their fee fees in game chat.

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and this is why i play with chat disabled in RSS

So you can’t see ppl call you bad?

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I think there’s an actual healer named igriefbads who actually griefs people he deems bad.

People are only calling for harsher punishments for leavers and griefers because they are annoyed about sitting an hour long que to get screwed over. What we should really be focused on with all this is the que times which blizz could help fix by cranking healer mmr up. If dps and healer ques equal out a bit, people won’t be so salty about a leaver. And people who get off on griefing other people cuz they don’t like the lobby will only be hurting themselves and have less of a reason to do so.

Blizzard: “Okay, we hear you, we’re listening and you won’t believe this…Battle Mender!! Yeah, right! Okay, give more money, these tendie bundles don’t sell themselves!”

legit its mostly healers right? who doesn’t want to heal with toon named imgoingtoleave

just silence the healers that were saying anything that would have improved since ss was a thing

like that name wouldn’t make everyone on team try.

They should. It’s un-called for regardless of the reason.

Possible fix.

They still should … period. It’s poor behavior that should be punished assuming it’s not some “emergency” which in a high % of cases isn’t.

Sure, if blizzard bans people.

Problem i see here is not disciplining the behavior but blaming it on the reason why it happened. People need to learn how to cope and work a situation in a healthy way not this garbage.

im insulted ppl think healers need feel good rewards to heal that which is garbage. nobody wants to shuffle with the dps

if i just got smoked or just smoked, the ppl on each team are going to feel that right? its just the healers 1v1 while the dps get saltier as the rounds go on

I don’t grief but if you run behind the pillar and get stunned I’m not going to bother trying to save you

Yes, just report them like you would report anyone else.

No, leaving a solo shuffle is not inherently against the rules. There’s a reason Blizzard let’s you leave.