Vengeance is clunky and weird

Just touched my DH since Legion. Having a lot of fun with Havoc it’s straight forward good mobility does insane damage. Changed to tank and set up bars wanted to BG run flag like I used to because trample was SO much fun. Am I tripping or is the spec just really awkward now with all these sigils having to be placed on the ground. Cooldowns that don’t really make sense/or matter. Was it like this in Legion am I just misremembering? I don’t remember needing 10 dang macros for placing things on the ground

It was, kinda. It’s more noticeable now because they do less damage and arent op in survivability. In legion, they could face roll, like blood dk from, well, wrath till what’s. Shadowlands?

Blood DK is quite simple and an absolute live lord in PVP (not great for flag carrying though)

I would love to learn if there was a more straight forward VDH build for pvp though. I only tried it for a couple of BGs, but was utterly lost lol. It feels quite different to play from Havoc.