Vault AOTC. When is the last day?

Long story short, there is a small disagreement in my guild when the last day for AOTC for the VoI. I believe the last chance is May 8th, before Abberus. Others think it is 10.1 launch. Which is it?

Not sure why AOTC isn’t mentioned, but presumably it’s the same day.

Probably because its a different design. 10pm is still a time where most guilds still raid should they raid on said day. So you can assume that you can get AotC/CE til the servers go down.

I understand the acheivements.

My question is the Vault, Valor upgrading and Catalyst if we could still have them on May 2.

Do i need to use all the charges of my Catalyst before May 2 becoz it would be reset?

Do i need to use all the valor before May 2 becoz it would reset?

Would i still get something on Vault on May 2?

We get a different catalyst. And as far as i understood the S1 Catalyst will receive infinite charges in S2.

Valor should reset at Season launch since they stated KSM/KSH etc are all available til Season Start and only the Hero Title is getting locked before the next season starts.

You will get Vault rewards even at Season Start. Thats how it always worked. The Vault reward will however be S1 gear. Meaning you wont get a 440+ ilvl piece from the vault but a 421 instead upon season start from the vault.

Just got AOTC today 06 May 2023. Confirmed that it will be available until next Monday night before reset.

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a guild mate of mine was just wondering this, thanks for the answer/info!