Vashj'ir Degredation

I know a lot of people don’t really care about old zones and most of them hate vashj’ir but as somebody who really likes this zone it pains me to see the problems or the “degredation” that its going through.

Each time I’ve gone through this zone there have been more and more things wrong with it from quests not working, to massive visual bugs, to the last quest being changed about three different times.

So wtih that said, here is a list of all of the things that have pretty much degraded this zone as a questing experience.

  1. Literally right off the bat, the quest scenario where you ride the mercenary ship into vashj’ir has been comepletely removed. No cool kraken things and no world building in the quest. You just talk to a random npcs on the SW docks and you get ported to the sunken ship.

  2. Captain taylor was invisible until you completely the quest where you save the soldiers with the quest pay it forward

  3. I think the quest to get the chests in the starting zone were moved from a chest you clicked outside of the boat to just admiral taylor.

  4. Items that aren’t your specialization won’t appear in quests they were rewards for, removing possible gold you can earn. (this may be in general not just vashj’ir)

  5. The quest Ain’t Too proud to Beg was a little buggy, had to tlak to Samir twice to get it completed.

  6. Quest markers are bugged on map. They’re appearing at future positions of npcs instead of where they currently are. (ex: Oh the Insanity!)

  7. This one is strange. Gnaws has been changed from being a really big shark to a very small average sized shark.

  8. The sound effects for the shark eating the naga in the quest Wake of Destruction are buggy. Out of the 12 naga I killed, only two of them played the chomp sound.

  9. In the quest The Warden’s Time, Warden Azjakir is phased into the floor, elevation is not correct.

  10. During the quest Backed Into a Corner, The npc that spawns when you pvp around the quest npcs spawn and oneshots Fathom-Lord Zin’jatar and most of the naga making the quest feel like its broken

  11. Quests that are supposed to only be available when you get to that point int he quest chain are available regardless of where you are during the quest chain because of your level. You should have to go through the whole zone and learn the full story to get to these. (Ex: Defending the Rift (end quest) and Reoccupation (battlemaiden quest).

  12. This is one i’m unsure of but I think around the Ruins of Thelserai Temple, there was a grouper looking fish which gave one of the many single quest starting items around vashj’ir and the grouper is nowhere to be found.

  13. At the Ruins of Thelserai Temple, all of the naga npcs are phased halfway through the ground.

  14. The naga at Ruins of vashj’ir are all phased halfway through the ground also.

  15. At the ruins of vashj’ir the quest markers on the map are all over the place. They’re all at random and future or past npc spots.

  16. Npcs are super bugged to and most of them don’t match their quest objective area.

  17. When the battlemaiden gets the Spinning Trident ability, it was changed from a longer channel to two second small aoe, (actually nerfing npcs lol)

  18. The Battlemaiden’s animations for idle attack don’t work.

  19. This one covers a large area. The caves that you enter into in the last area have a very big area outside of the cave that considers you as not swimming and therefore will dismount you from your underwater mount. The area around the horde and alliance caves is huge and even if you get on a regular mount, it still considers you as swimming where as if you get on a water mount it says you need to be in water.

  20. The mobs for the quest Bio-Fuel whether it was through scaling or some other means do a very high amount of damage than what they’re supposed to. The skill sea slam hits you for anywhere from 3.5k to 5k health which can pretty much two shot you at your level.

  21. During the quest Put it on, (The one where you get a vision after putting one of the head guys on) Either its bugged or they removed the text from your character and they also removed the beam effect.

  22. In the quest …It Will Come. Ick’thys the Unfathomable has become really small also. He used to be bigger and it looks like he was shrunk like gnaws.

  23. And here we come to the big finale. A really cool quest sequence at the end of vashj’ir. The quest Defending the rift, or so it used to be. This quest originally had you start in the cave and board back up on whatever water sub you had which took you around the abyssal breach while there was a debuff where it was talking about how you were tensing before the battle to come. Really cool situation and the scope of the quest was awsome. Then you were ambushed by Lady Naz’jar and here naga and had to crash near the outer rim of the breach. You fought your way through the naga you have been following through the whole quest chain in vashj’ir and it ended whith a battle against the tidelord where erunak gets taken into the throne of the tides and you have to go in and get him back.

The first thing that happened was the quest became bugged and you couldn’t finish it in general, it wouldn’t start. Then it was slightly fixes and bugged again when you crashed and couldn’t get up from the ship. The next variation completely took out the sub ride and just placed you at the edge of the breach. and now guess what. This huge big finale was just replaced with kill 15 naga. No scenario no cool quest, just ride out of the cave and kill 15 naga. This got even worse for a time where you were phased out of the quest chain and were just killing random naga around the breach while the emotion elementals at 90 for firelands were visible. Its set back to the battle but all you’re doing is killing naga. The elementals do spawn immediately after completing the quest though so it takes you out of the immersion instantly. You run in the throne and its the same, the instance hasn’t really changed or bugged out at all.

And thats about it. One of the most neglected zones in the game, All of the cool scenarios are gone, bugs are everywhere, and random changes are made which makes the questing worse. I’d been meaning to make this list for a while but I always just continued leveling after I finished vashj’ir and not got to it. So this is my list of going through the zone literally just now and documenting the problems with it.

Does anyone care? I don’t know. I just really like this zone and it seems to get worse with each character I run through it.


I’m sure its on Blizzard’s to do list. Just way down on the list. Post maybe in the bug forum thingy.

Vashj’ir’s music is still top notch though (imho).

Oh I love this zone and yes it is buggy… the quest where we fight off the naga right at the beginning of the zone with captain Taylor kept on not working, Erunak would not appear to free me from the naga that captured me and I kept having to swim back to the fight which just kept cycling. Did that almost 6 times before it worked.

Vashj’ir, the new Gilneas.

Vashj’ir was and still is my all time favorite zone. Underwater zones will always be my favorite in video games. Yes even you Water Temple from OoT.


Many of those bugs have been there for years. I can’t count how many times I’ve reported bugs years ago and nothing has been done about most of them. It’s a shame too as that is my favorite zone in the entire game, absolutely love it.

+1. Vash’jir is still one of my favorites and it’s a straight up crime to let it fall into “disrepair”.

It’s one of the most beautiful and unique zones in the game and the Z axis movement isn’t that bad. Certainly better than the modern “find the boss in the mystery cave unmarked on your map” quest design.

I am amazed by how much work you put into compiling this list! Please post this in the bug forums, because somebody there might do something about it.

I love the aesthetic of Vashj’ir; I never really enjoyed most of the quests in the zone hilariously enough but I loved the look of everything. I feel like if the quests there had been better designed or more compelling, the zone could have been incredible!

It’s so disappointing to hear that the intro quest and ship scenario does not work anymore :frowning:

Thank you for compiling that list. Just finished an alt through Vashj’ir and absolutely loved it. I reported the naga half inside the ground bug. All other questing was smooth. The finale did seem a bit of a letdown, now I know why.

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I care. Almost all of the legacy content gets buggier with every update released. It’s my hope that with the release of shadowlands they’ll address this as each expansion area is repopulated with people leveling. The old stuff really needs some TLC. Removing it and pretending everything is fine isn’t a band-aid I want.

I really wish blizzard would bring back the start and ending of Vashj’ir using the scenario tech they have been developing since MoP.

But what can a small indi company do these days…


I love Vashj’ir. I usually pick it instead of Pandaria for leveling. I swap, though, to prevent boredom. Last ALT I leveled I noted there were a lot of bugs - most of which you mentioned and others here.

I also scuba dive as a hobby, so the underwater 3-D reality doesn’t throw me. Love the music (which is borrowed in other above-ground places :wink: ), and it’s so scenic. I love it.

I hope they flood Nazjatar (and we get a cut scene for it) and then we can go exploring again.

It definitely isnt. Almost every single one of Vashj’ir’s major problems was caused by CRZ and could have easily been fixed if Blizz would just disable CRZ, even for just this one zone. They stubbornly refuse to do so, and have instead gutted my favorite zone in the game.


Vash’jir used to be a cool awesome zone until after few expansion in Blizzard completely and utter forget about the zone in general and it is lefted buggy and also got rid of the beginning and end scenarios which sucks since it was part of the best story telling. Now it’s just boring buggy zone mess.

I hope Blizzard fixes the Zone so that it could go back to the way it was back in Cataclysm. It’s such a huge shame really.

I really enjoyed this zone but only did it once because Hyjal was just so much faster.

I’m guessing that Blizzard is hoping everyone will just forget this zone because they ran out of time to actually resolve all of story arcs that transpire in the zone.

In a few patches, they’ll remove all of the content and just reward you with a lot of xp (as if you’d run the entire zone).

NPCs will comment, “You did a great job in Vashjir! Let’s never mention it again, okay!?”

With Chromie Time on the way, it’s “soft-deleted” from the game like much of the old content. If we do eventually get a full world revamp, no one who doesn’t explicitly want to express it will ever “accidentally” end up there.

And given that it is being soft-deleted, the priority of fixing any major issues is going WAYYY down the list.

I’ve been having problems lately where Erunak would free my character, but then my character would end up falling to his death despite being underwater.

It doesn’t help that the mobs for the quest seem a bit overtuned.

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