Vanquisher's Hammer viable for ret in 9.1.5?

Looks like it’s getting a massive buff (see patch notes):

  • Righteous Might (Necrolord Conduit) damage effect increased by 400% and healing effect reduced by 50%.

Might actually be competitive to Divine Toll now for ret, thoughts?

Doubtful, VH now hits for 4k instead of 1.5k (edited cause I was looking at holy) when I tested it on the ptr. Nothing else about the ability has changed, and you need to use the necrolord legendary for it to be any bit worthwhile.
All that changed is if you’re a necrolord, the conduit isn’t a waste of a spot anymore, which is pretty amazing in itself that a covenant conduit managed to go this far being somewhat useless.

That’s pretty big, no? And VH is up every 30s compared to toll’s 1 min

Not really. An extra 3k damage every 30 seconds maths out to 100dps extra. There’s not really any synergy either you can take advantage of effectively, unlike DT which is perfect for the 1 minute build of ret.

might be, if you slap on the necro lord lego, you can have your own heavy burst build, the conduit kinda adds to it

One of the biggest issues with VH is it does Shadow Damage. Meaning it gets ZERO value from our Mastery. If it was holy damage that would help quite a bit.

I want Necro paladin to be a thing, but it’s just not there unfortunately.

WIth what gear did you try that lmao

On ptr with a 145 ilvl conduit i’m doing 15k crits


Ptr character is around Ilvl 226. Everything I listed was at base damage, no cd’s etc. Also were you in ret spec, or prot spec? VH hits differently depending on what spec you are, and in prot spec hits for a baseline of nearly 7k for me with the conduit.

It already got nerfed to 100% down from 400%

Not really, he has 32% vers and rival gear, wings+badge and seraphims if he has it is srs stuff

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necro gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang

No its still +400% on the conduit


why they havent updated their post then? usually they would’ve updated that

Righteous Might (Potency Conduit) Vanquisher’s Hammer deals 20% 100% increased damage, and heals you for 50% of the damage done.

It shows up updated on wowhead for me :frowning:

I’m disappointed but 400% was also absolutely insane
It would hit for like 35k lol

its 400% of what it was not 400% static.

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it used to say “Righteous Might (Necrolord Conduit) damage effect increased by 400% and healing effect reduced by 50%.” and then a few hours later it got changed. the half healing change is really balanced tbh :ok_hand:

edit: i guess if they meant it as 400% of 20% and clarified it to just 100% its a lot clearer like that. either way i kinda just want them to not change it anymore because it feels amazing right now

No… the power of the potency effect was increased by 400%.

20% amplified by 400% is 100%. The conduit is currently doing what it originally said it would.

No nerf.

Yeah thats what my edit above says, the math checks out that its just a text change

400% would have been incredible though

Did some testing on 251 pvp ilvl, VH was critting for 20k, some solid 70k fv+bonusfv+divine storm on single button press. Won’t make it live with the 25% divine storm buff

Still wouldn’t go Necrolord even after the buff. Divine Toll beats it in pretty much everything. If they want us to go Necrolord they’ll have to do better than buffing Divine Storm by 25%.