Vanilla - Now XP Vet. I need a guild

Guardian Druid 237 main
Hpal 200 gearing in progress
Have a toon every class level 50 Iā€™d be willing to level for the guild.
Spent the last 2 expansions pvping. Have experience RBG leading and some arena.
Looking to PvE main this time around. I am a busy dad but weekends / night time raid times I can commit to. Would love to be on a raid team, semi hardcore / chill. Also would love to find a mythic team to push Keys!
PleAse add me in game and message me!

Hello Cherrypopp, Hubis is around for people like you and me :slight_smile: Please check us out and if outlook, raid time needs, and class preference match up, hit me up. Take care!

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