Vanilla Hunter looking for a new guild

As the subject states I am looking for a new guild. I started playing WoW in May of 2006 and played seriously through to Cataclysm, during Cata the game became repetitious to me and I lost interest. I have returned to play every expansion but would soon lose interest again. The guild I was a part of from Burning Crusade to Cata fell apart (during Cata) and I joined the guild I’m currently in to raid during Warlords of Draenor. Unfortunately, the guild has become a ghost town with very few players on. I want to do mythic and, possibly, raid.

I have a 120 Hunter and Shaman along with a 110 Death Knight, Warlock & Mage. My Hunter is my main while the other classes support him with professions. I must admit that I have been out of the raiding scene for many years and, should I join a guild, I ask that some patience be granted as I get back up to speed. I am a gracious player who doesn’t have a problem bowing out and allowing other players to raid if it is necessary.

Please give my character a once over and I look forward to, possibly, being considered to join a guild.