Vanilla have the key bag

hello blizzard i have a issue
my inventory or bag are full of key :frowning:
can you put the vanilla interface plz and put the keyring bag thank you

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It will appear in the appropriate phase, I am sure.

i try to search on this right now
i can not believe im the last vanilla player remember using this bag , i just find some european player having the same issue and ear this is coming in phase 2 , but im not 100 % sure about this ?
i just find this Key Ring in Classic? but still no keyring ?

I will appear as a key icon next to your left bag slot. Maybe search patch notes to see when it was released and we can guess from there.

Blizzard said the key ring will be release on the first major patch after the game release, I guess they weren’t able to re-implement that feature back into the game before beta ended and needed more time to get it right.

Also the key ring feature wasn’t there at the beginning of vanilla and if Blizzard were to follow the original timeline of the keyring release, it would had came out during phase 5.
I recall that patch back in vanilla was one of the more popular ones as it had many QoL features that many players wanted, like key ring and linked flight paths.

thank for all info

sadly i find any news from blizzard about this issue and delay , anyway have a good night all for The Horde !!!

For whatever dumb reason, they decided not to put this in at the start. They were just fine launching with nerfed 1.12 raid difficulties which are a joke, but didn’t want to give key bags until a later phase. So we get to waste space on the scarlet key (x2), blackrock, scholo, plus another for dire maul unless they put the key bag in at that point.

It’s funny how you were able to squeeze the “omg classic its nerfed” in completely unrelated topic.

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You should see how many topics I get tokens and multiboxing into.

It is rather silly this didn’t just get in from the start. If it’s somehow not ready… that’s one thing, but intentionally held back to recreate an already not really classic launch phase… no thnx.