@Vanilla Darkspear Server players

The Legendary Flag checkin in boys and girls.

I hope to find some of yall playing still. I had casually ran into an ironkilt post a while back that sparked me returning after 11 years away. Needless to say, I am very saddened to see the state of WOW in its current state. PVE and literally ZERO word PVP / PVP ect….

Update: I have found and rolled a character with ICON on classic, possibly may follow them to their retail clan.

Hope to see you soon.

Forum Mods and GMS, prepare to be entertained once more. If you happened to work for Blizzard from release till 09 you should remember me as Flag. I hope to bring back the entertainment to you while you’re at work once more.

Flag as Groblik.

hope to run into yall soon.




They don’t have a sense of humor any more, have you seen Buust around at all? I miss him.

Old Vox Radix player here for ya!