Valor uncap crazy too soon,

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good god, don’t you guys have any kind of volume control?

the valor cap should go up incrementally per week, small move incrementally, like 25 or 50

it’s like … what? only been 2 months since the raid started, 3?


EDIT: and I don’t care if enough people haven’t cleared it yet, there are other brakes and gas pedals for that. This kind of uncap move lends the game to more rapid-cycling of smaller form less-polished less-developed WEAKER content which is bad for the game.


Valor is an M+ gear mechanic not a raid gear mechanic.

It’s not like uncapping Valor will allow anyone to get all 278 gear.

Also it’s not like that uncapped Valor just shows up in your inbox, you will still have to spend several hours in M+ dungeons to just to upgrade an item one level.

I mean, what a terrible design that if people put in time they get rewarded.


Are we trying to protect heroic raid again?


Ah yes, having less items in an MMORPG is always the best option…


Serious raiders are already geared. This change is for casuals and alts. Besides, the primary barrier to clearing the raid is… the raid itself. It’s very difficult overall.


I don’t do a lot of m+, how does uncapped valor affect the our progress, just m+ spam your way to upgrade /12 all your gear?

dont you need rating to upgrade M+ gear?

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Let’s not do that. I enjoy running keys, gaining valor, then attempting to upgrade my gear as I work on my dungeon score. It feels more fun now and as others pointed out, the big time raiders have already cleared stuff and have had their upgrades for quite some time now.


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Pfft. This is the best part of the season. Before Valor is uncapped I have to try and push my key higher than my character is really ready to move forward with just to quit getting the people who don’t know the basic mechanics. Low keys on alts are quite painful. Now that Valor is uncapped, these low keys are relevant again and alts are fun to play again. Sure, it might suck for lower rated players in joining a group but put up your own key, groups fill way faster with valor uncapped than the latter.


This is the signal that the season is in the end phase and you should get ready for the gear reset and the next treadmill.

If they did it from the start, or even retroactively, it would feel like a natural process. As demands for more difficult content or content with different reqs came up, there would be more valor for reconfigures. You don’t like 25 or 50 increase per week, then make it 100 or higher. To go from limit to ucap is a bizarre course correction this early. And it’s another ridiculous OP elevation of 5s content over raid as well. Good lord, this game is so weird now.

“Over heroic raid”. There’s 0 impact on mythic. If you haven’t gotten your AotC yet, maybe overpowering it is your only real option anyway.


It’s not elevating 5’s content over raids, only really casual guilds (like mine) haven’t finished heroic raid. And frankly, most of our raiders can use all the help they can get so uncapped valor will help us move along.

Basically, if you’re still struggling to do heroic raid at this time, it’s because your raid team isn’t really capable enough to do it and they need the gear to carry them.

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2k to max to 272

I think uncapping was the right move… but fundamentally, this loot system sucks for the player and I’m glad they’re looking to change it in Dragonblight. Loot is just too RNG right now. Here’s been my experience on two different characters…

  • My main got gear relatively smoothly and I ended up starved on valor. I just hit 3k M+ rating this week but I still had a lot of pieces I couldn’t upgrade. At 750 per week I didn’t have a lot of options for character progression, I just had to wait for each week to tick by or to get lucky in my vault. With the cap removed, I can finish upgrading each piece to 272 and maybe push a little further. It’d be nice if you could upgrade to 278 once you hit 3k, but it is what it is.
  • I’ve been working on my alt this week and have done 18 runs so far. Of those 18 runs I’ve gotten 7 drops; however, that was 3 boots, 2 bracers, 1 belt and 1 ring. Unfortunately, I had boots of almost the same ilvl from an LFR I did before running any M+ and I have the free unity belt. For all those drops, I don’t really have a lot to show for it. I now have a ton of valor but nothing to do with it.

Two characters, two experiences on opposite ends of the spectrum. Capped valor doesn’t really matter, I don’t need my progression artificially gated this far into the season, after my main has already hit 3k rating. Just let me play and progress my character.

I think rating limits on upgrades is a far better limiting factor because it means I can do better and earn better gear. Everything is up to me. I’m looking forward to the gearing changes they’re talking about in Dragonblight that will alleviate a lot of this because it sounds more along the lines of PvP where you have more agency over the gear you get and how you upgrade it. Hopefully it stays a player-centric experience though…

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Gratz on hero.


Thanks! I really enjoyed going after it this season :slight_smile:

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Why would this be bad anyway?

It’s a legitimate strategy.

As Vincent Vega said as he looked at his pistol, “We need Shotguns for a job like this.”

I never said it was bad. I don’t care about AotC or who achieves it or how they do it.

I’m a semi-hardcore keystone runner. The valor removal is an absolute win for the 16 alt items in my bags I have 0 hope of getting in vault.

Haha it is! I raid in a very casual guild. I suspect we’re going to need this to get AotC this season.

Sorry, I was agreeing with you. Didn’t word them englishes well or gooder.