<Valor> AotC, 5/11 M Sepulcher, 7/10 M SoD

Guild: Valor
Server: Earthen Ring US
Raid Progress as of posting: AotC, 5/11 M Sepulcher, 7/10 M SoD
Main Progression Raid times: Tues/Wed 7:00 - 10:00 Eastern
Alt/Open Raid Time: Thurs 7:30-10:30 Eastern
About us and what we offer: Valor has a core group of players that stick with us or always return after a break, so we’re always able to do Heroic and M+. As a result, we have a consistent setup for getting content done no matter what your aim is provided you don’t want to go hardcore. We have historically NOT required any of the pseudo-mandatory grinds the game’s thrown at us, and have kept a lot of players much more comfortable and happy with the game as a result. We have two raids, one for skilled people that want to push the content in a much more relaxed environment but still feel challenged, or an open raid, where all you have to do to get in is meet an ilvl requirement that is usually equivalent to current LFR. The small server experience is unique for many reasons; one of the main draws is that there’s less competition. Our guildies enjoy that we are the top Alliance guild on the server while only raiding for three hours twice a week. I completely understand that this slower pace is not for everyone, and by all means, feel free to keep looking if you want to find a Cutting Edge guild. In Valor, however, we don’t care if we get Cutting Edge or not. We get AotC every tier, and if we have enough people, we will push into Mythic with no extra requirements tacked on. We get where we get. Mythic is difficult. It requires a lot of wiping over and over, which is not something everyone is happy to do. Some people have families, careers, other games, things that are more appealing to them than putting more than a set amount of time into raiding per week. For some of us, WoW is not our bread and butter like it may have once been, but others among us still enjoy playing and pushing as hard as their abilities will allow while still growing as players. It is our pride to be able to serve both groups. That said, we do require people that want to get into the main raid prove their abilities, so everyone is confident in their fellow raiders. If this sounds appealing to you, then give me a shout.
Contact me at btag: Xenkore#1802 or on Discord at Xenkore#0045


Wait. Where did you come from?

Oh nm it still says youre in sacred. I get it. Cool.

Dunno why it still says that, though. o_O

We’re always recruiting, but even for people who don’t want to join, we do an alt/heroic run on Thursdays that is open to anyone who meets the mimimum ilevel, 730-1030 server. Current ilevel for heroic required is 415. Just need that, and discord, to come along if anyone is interested.

Hey, it finally updated my guild tag. Hooray!

Open to more raiders!

Bumping it up!

woo another boss down

Ilgy down now, too.

Thanks to the efforts of Xenkore, the guild has come a long way in a short time, with a thriving community in and out of WoW. I’m also excited to announce that we’ve defeated Carapace and are super excited to see if we can get Cutting Edge before Shadowlands.

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Congratulations on downing Carapace! Good luck on N’zoth and keep us in the loop!

Yeah, we’ve done a lot in a short span, I agree. Had a few problems come up earlier in the tier that set us months behind, but still got really far in spite of it.

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Still going strong, still (always) looking for more people

Congrats on Realm First! Shadowlands Keystone Challenger!


We were also the first on the realm to get AotC, and get a Mythic boss down. :smiley:

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Giving a fellow guild a /buppity bump


Why, thank you!

We’ve officially murderlated Xy’mox and Kaelthas on Mythic this week, bringing us to 6/10

     heres a nice     BUUUMP!!
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Hey Earthen Ring family,

I wanted to take a second here in this period before 9.1 to share my experience with Valor, going from someone who never did any organized content in wow to mythic raiding in one patch.

I got back into wow near the end of BFA after a 10 year hiatus. I had never really played content seriously at max level and wanted to try it out, so I went looking for a guild that I could try to raid with.

I was recruited by Valor just before Shadowlands’ launch. Spoke to Xenkore about what I wanted to get out of my time in wow and felt very welcome from the start. I hardly knew anyone, but put the work in to hit 60 and get geared ahead of the raid. As a total novice, I had a wealth of knowledge accessible to me just by logging in to discord on a regular basis - friendly people who were happy to have new people to share the game with.

On the night of the first raid my performance could only be described as an attempt to find a light switch in the dark.

With some guidance from seasoned players going over logs and practicing in front of dummies, I went from frequent deaths to survival with low damage, to survival with meh damage, to passable logs and eventually holding my own in a mythic raid setting (although I still have some way to go IMO).

There are few games I can say I’ve had a more meaningful path of improvement on because I knew as I improved I would be less of a burden and more of an asset to the team.

There is a strong and welcoming community here. Valor has a main raid on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as well as a more casual heroic raid on Thursdays. Both are a blast. On those nights and others in 9.1 there’ll almost always be people looking to do mythic + as well, and even RBGs/arena if that’s your thing (not my thing). We play other games together, too - there’s almost always something happening when you hop on discord.

I guess what I’m saying is that there’s a wow family here that has truly welcomed me to the “massively multiplayer” part of this game for the first time since I made a character in ‘08 as a kid. What’s more, I was lucky enough to say that in a difficult year of many people feeling socially disconnected, I was lucky enough to make meaningful connections with new people who I now consider good friends.

You can do that, too. Come join us.

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