Valhalla - Gungnir (A, Phase Two 8/10, Fri/Sat 9pm-12am ST) is recruiting DPS for T5 content

Gungnir (Phase 2–8/10) is currently seeking a shaman (preferably enhancement) or arcane mage for its raiding team.

About Us
Gungnir is a team of progression-oriented raiders who clear content in a welcoming and friendly environment. We have high expectations of our raiders, but we also place a lot of value on promoting an environment in which everyone is having fun with their friends over the weekend.

We are not a casual raiding team, but we aren’t hardcore either. We expect our members to raid, on time, every weekend, and show up with consumables, the best enchants and gems, and the knowledge and prep necessary to down the bosses we are currently progressing on. We also expect our raiders to know their class well and to meet our performance expectations.

Our loot system is a loot list, in which you prioritize the items you want the most in a ranking system. This gives you agency to decide what you want the most and thereby increase your chance of getting that drop.

If this sounds like the kind of raid you would like to join, and you schedule matches ours, please reach out to Chuhai or Drixer in game (or Discord Chuhai#5944).