Using Queue To Balance Server Population

Questing and grinding rep are nearly impossible in some cases. Maybe I was luck back in the pre-BC days but the H:A ratio in nearly every zone feels like 10:1 theses days. I think it would really help to balance out each server if the queue times applied to players of the majority faction. Combined with a free transfer you can even out the servers to make a better pvp battlegroup when BGs are put into the game.


You mean basically reaerve half of the server cap for horde and half for alliance and if one side fills up, they get a queue?


yeah, make it fair without effecting game play.


I don’t see it happening, but I fully support this for what it’s worth. It’d promote healthier server balance without really changing anything in game.


I like it. :smiley:


I think the argument could be made that you’re sort of ‘punishing’ the majority faction for something they can’t control by having a selective queue


It could be said that allowing 100’s of horde to sit idle in the inns while alliance players sit in queues is a greater form of punishment since they will be faces with overwhelming odds once they get logged in. Remember this will also help ease the pain for BG queues for the majority faction in the long run.

edit: if the plan is to remove layering by phase 2 then something like this will need to happen.


Ahh, yes, all those “hundreds of Horde sitting idle in Inns”. Funny how i never see any Inns full of people when im traveling around.

They will never implement faction queues. That’s tantamount to saying “you cannot participate in the main attraction of Classic - playing with your friends and community”.

This will do nothing for BG queues, as the servers are going to be Battlegrouped. Individual server faction balance is meaningless.

“Im sorry you cant log in and play with your friends because you’re all on th same faction”.



remember when they said classic would never ever happen…


The player base has made it abundantly clear they DO NOT WANT balanced servers. Thus your “idea” is trash.


Nah that was never a part of vanilla and goes against the spirit of it. If you want balance go play retail where people are phased into crz even populations. Vanilla has warts, is rough, uncompromising and ugly.

If you don’t want to be outnumbered in PVP play on a PVE server.

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I mean they can control it by not being the faction, what it might do though is encourage new rollers to swap factions. if it says “Alliance Queue 5k Horde Queue 0” people might be enticed to roll Horde.


“Im sorry you cant log in and play with your friends because you’re all on th same faction”.

I think you need to improve your reading comprehension. Do you hear yourself?

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OP’s idea is brilliant.


Are you ok with waiting in a 10k queue for a server marked as low population ?
This is what you are asking of those that play PvP servers to do.
PvP servers are never balanced because the majority of players on them do not want balance , they want to dominate.

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you missed the part about offering free transfers to fix a problem server that is wildly unbalanced. They’ve done more in the past like merging unbalanced low population servers so this wouldn’t be anything new. However, this would be a new way for solving the problem by giving players a real choice.

Fixing this just by grouping servers into battlegroups only causes more problems. Then you have servers that are completely one sided and that just kills off the other side. (if you play horde on a server where the top horde guild is 3 bosses into BWL and the Alliance has cleared Naxx, are you really going to want to stick around as horde on that server?)

I’ve seen it first hand where 1 faction on 1 server tanked a battlegroup on the PVP Honor grind because they out geared everyone in the battlegroup in PVE gear.

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One server cant tank a battlegroup, as the Honor calculations are done for your server only.

So… try again.

They will not EVER tell people that they cant log in and play with their friends because of server imbalance. Will. Not .Happen.

And who cares if one side “dominates” World PvP? wPvP is dead the moment BGs exist because the honor/hour is in BGs.

yes, honor calculations are done at the server level but… its calculated per faction based on a percentage of active players (on that faction and server) the are evolved in the system. Having an unbalanced server (skill and population) in a battlegroup, that dominates most of the games played, will effect all players in the battlegroup.

If you’re on a server that has a large population on your faction and those players have a few solid pre-made groups then good flipping luck trying to make the grind. Same goes for good players stuck on bad servers and battlegroups where the opposite faction just facerolls your side 24/7.

Can’t get rank if you don’t win games.
Can’t get rank if too many people on your server (and faction) win too many games.

lol, not going to happen.

Really ? I bet that like came from OP. I think it was an idea that would make a whole bunch of ppl unhappy.