Using Preserved Contaminants on Older Cleansed Items

We’re rolling out a hotfix over the next few hours that will make it so that you can apply Preserved Contaminants to corruptible items that were cleansed before maintenance this week.

We’ll see you in the Chamber of Heart!


Good news everyone!



They’ve fixed the poison slime pipes!


Now we’re just waiting for the hotfix that reimburses us for the 9 weeks of echoes we didn’t get.


Who ever fixed that bug needs a big fat raise.


Welp 60 corruption is gonna kill me lmao.

Great news! Thanks guys!

And what about the echoes that I wasn’t able to collect until maintenance this week…any plans on providing a hotfix for that as well? Or maybe making the corruption be purchasable with momentos too perhaps?


its called 5x droprates. /shrug. thats all we are going to get.


How about fixing it so that people with pvp gear can enjoy the new system as well. Corruptions can’t be applied to pvp gear.

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1000% this - add corruptibility to PVP items

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Now could we get a list of what corruptions are going to be purchasable ? Namely lash of the void ? It would be nice to know all of our options.

Its unlikely raid-specific corruptions will be added. People would just put Lash on everything, and then it would get the GW treatment.

So you can only add corruption to items that dropped with corruption in the first place? My bis rings, never came with corruption - rng did not let them drop for 9 boss kills, so I can or cannot add corruption to them?

How will mythic raiders who buy 3x bis corruptions get their easy welfare wins if PvPers are allowed to do the same?

You should be able to corrupt most uncorrupted gear. But not PvP gear.

Unlikely, perhaps. Would it really be a surprise if they were though. Nowhere did it say they wouldn’t be. All statements have just said “corruptions” no specifics. I’m sure there are plenty more GW treatments to come still anyways.

Yup… but I don’t want my Lash to be on that list!

Can you make conquest rewards corruptable as well?

A most welcome change indeed, now the corruption vendor is nearly complete!

I will say the only thing odd to me now is the RNG nature of Echoes. Sometimes I do an arena and get 48 and other times I get like 78. But other than that, this will smooth out the woes of many people.