[US][Illidan] The Rich and Lonely 9/9H Tues/weds 8-11EST Sat/Sun 9-12EST

The Rich and Lonely Is a new and growing guild on Illidan. We and Stepping up our raiding team for 10.2. We are striving to create a solid team with a very light schedule, 6 hours a week raiding. Even though our time is limited, we still strive for commitment and effort! Our goal for 10.2 is to push towards CE.

We are a relaxed, goal-oriented group that loves to progress as far as we can while still preserving the spirit of fun. We have fun in many other games and are very active in Discord at all hours of the day and Night.

Experience Season 3 - 9/9H 1/9M
Experience: Season 2 - 9/9H 3/9M

We are an active home for:

-AOTC/Mythic Raiding

-Mythic Key Pushers

We are a mostly 21+ group (a few outliers) that realize this is a game to have fun, down some bosses, and bust up Dungeons.

Our schedule for 10.2 Team1 is: Sat / Sun 9 pm-12 EST

Our schedule for 10.2 Team2 is: Tues/Weds 8pm-11pm EST

When it comes to 10.2 we are pushing for CE as an ultimate goal for both teams.

Our Needs are as follows. Our roster is very solid just need a few more DPS and a couple more heals.

-Heals Medium
Team1 -Monk
Team2 -Priest/Druid-


Team1 -Open-

Team2 -1 enhancement shaman - 1 Mage Multiple open spots.

-OPEN Recruitment for M+ for Guild All Classes and Specs / Roles.

Recruitment – Contact a member of our Leadership Counsel

-Ingame @Billdobaggen#1727
-Discord’s (officer team)
Recruit Officer deadlypinup.

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great team great atmosphere

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Looking to build our community!

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Great team with a great mindset come join the fun and prog!

Come hang out with us. great crew of like minded gamers.

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i added you killibaggen wanted to talk if this was still a thing… Chemical#1636 is my Btag

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Yeh lets chat!

Still looking for more!

Come join the Great team we have created!

Such a great community of people!! Come join us !!

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what a great team, just need a few more for the weekday raid group!

Looking for big time gamers :slight_smile:

Such an amazing guild ! Come join us !

Need a monk for sat/sun!

Come join us !!

We play all the time and are always doing content, come join us :smiley:

Grat group of people and atmosphere!!