[US][H][Zul’Jin]<Warsong Howlers> 3/10 M is Recruiting

Hello, We are Warsong Howlers and we are currently recruiting individuals for our push into Mythic raiding. We are a group of individuals that wants to push mythic raiding every tier, we are all motivated individuals with a sense to progress raid and mythic + content.

Our raid times and dates are 7:30-10:30 server(EST). Tues/Thurs.

Currently as it stands we are 3/10M Progging on mythic hungering

We are currently recruiting to fill out the 20 man roster and want to push for Mythic, as it stands we are currently looking for excellent players, preferably.


Unholy DK

Holy paladin

Disc Priest.

We are taking a look at all applicants and looking to put forth the best 20 players possible to raid with us.

Please contact me on Bnet or discord.

Bnet- ThatDudeLeo#1198
discord- Leo x3#4296